Smoke {The Old Sage}


Two years. That’s how long it’s been since I did the thing I swore I wouldn’t do with this blog. I let it rot in space. Of course, I have a whole host of reasons why… work, lack of time, too much travel. Travel really did play a part. For a while, we went from trip to trip and it felt more like a travel blog. That was never the point. Even more than that, though, I just got a little bored. Feeling bored almost felt like a betrayal.

There have still been Thursday night dinners, some more memorable than others, but all in good company. About six months ago, I started taking food photos again. I’ve started five or six posts and scrapped them all. No matter how good the meal, all felt flat, bland, and contrived (my writing, not the food). Last week, though, on our way home, we stopped at the Old Sage for happy hour. Just a few minutes after sitting down at the bar, I realized what was wrong with the other posts. Over the last two years, I’d forgotten that the food, no matter how amazing, is just one small piece of the experience. I knew it, but I’d forgotten what it felt like.



Breaking in the Season {Rione XIII}


I can’t remember our last Thursday night dinner. That isn’t to say there haven’t been any, but they’ve been pretty few and far between since late spring. We’ve been eating at home a lot more. It was a really beautiful summer and we finally started making use of our long neglected amenities. We grilled. A lot. We frequented our favorite neighborhood restaurants in lieu of new places and didn’t really venture outside our usual haunts.It was nice. We took a break. We threw a party. We enjoyed each others’ company and the company of good friends. It seemed like overnight, it was all over.


Jumping the Line {Lloydmartin}



I have food… amazing food from Paris to tell you about, but for the moment, there’s something more important. Every now and then, something happens that is worthy of doing away with chronological order. Life’s been a little hectic lately. B lost his grandfather, work’s been insane. B and I needed an outing. Earlier this week, after some brutal dental work for me, we ventured up to Queen Anne for a smoothie for dinner. While walking around, drinking our liquid dinner, we stumbled upon Lloydmartin. They’ve been on our list for a bit. We checked out the menu and it looked outstanding. While we didn’t expect to have time for a Thursday dinner this week, we both agreed that it would make a good one if we could swing it.


New Neighborhoods {The Whale Wins}


Lately we’ve had lots of false starts where our Thursday nights are concerned. We get back on track and then something happens that throws us off again. This is one reason The Whale Wins was rescheduled so many times. Last week, I was bound and determined that we would make it.

This was our first Thursday night dinner visit in the neighborhood of Wallingford. That’s a little surprising given we’ve been doing this for over six years and Wallingford is really not far from home. We’ll have to come back soon.

The Whale Wins space is absolutely gorgeous. It’s sort of a combination of rustic farmhouse and beach cottage with a few fun details thrown in. It’s comfortable and engaging all at the same time.


Trust Me {Artusi}


It’s a crime to let a blog post sit for weeks after a new restaurant visit… any blog post. I mean, really, how much can one possibly remember after dozens of subsequent meals? The bigger crime, though, would be not telling you about our visit to Artusi. In all fairness, I don’t remember enough detail to be too specific, but it was such a great meal, I can’t let it pass until our next visit.


Off the Beaten Path (but not really) {Luc}


There are a handful of restaurants on our list that keep getting bumped for no reason other than that they’re a bit off our usual routes. It’s not that they’re all that far out of the away. It’s just that they happen to be in lovely places we don’t otherwise often find ourselves. Luc is one of those places. It first landed on our list at least a year ago and was rescheduled no fewer than 6 times. Sometimes, we reschedule a visit over and again only to find we should probably have just taken it off the calendar entirely. The rest of the time, we end up kicking ourselves for waiting so long to visit. Our visit to Luc fell into the latter category.


Craft {Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium}


I’m excited to visit Artusi. Really, I am. Thursday just didn’t feel right, though. Canon felt like the better choice for both me and B (we came to our own independent conclusions) and so, we went. Back to Thursday night dinners and I bring you a place that isn’t new to me, but is new to the blog. I adore Canon. Before they made CNN Eatocracy’s list of top 10 best new bars in the country, we loved them.  All it takes is one bottled cocktail from Canon and your heart will belong to them as well.