Chicago in Review


Once again, I’ve left travel posts for too long. We’ve been home from Chicago for about a month now and I haven’t told you about even half of the restaurants we enjoyed. Once it’s been so long, it doesn’t seem fair to my memory of the place or to the restaurants themselves to try to be too detailed. Instead, I’ll tell you about the true highlights and leave the details for the next time around.

Our friends, BC and RC, insisted that we visit The Purple Pig. It was under 30 degrees out. They only had outdoor seating available, but it came so highly recommended that we braved it. We wore our coats and were extremely grateful for the heat lamps. Probably the worst part of the whole thing was how quickly the food became cold. We enjoyed the meal, but it wasn’t one to linger over thanks to the chill. The highlight was the Pork Neck Bone Rillette & Mostarda smear. Crispy toast, salty spread, and sweet details on the side. Definitely worth the sub-freezing temperatures.


We also enjoyed a classic Italian meal with RC and BC at the original location of The Rosebud. While everything we enjoyed there was awesome, the most memorable item at the table, without a doubt, was my seafood pasta special. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that much food arrive at a table and be placed in front of one person… and there it was in front of me. It was beautiful and it was delicious, but seriously… I’ve never seen so much food in my life. They really should warn a person.


BC also took some of her food to go. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of my leftovers next to her (perfectly normal portioned) leftovers. Mine arrived in a lasagna pan.


BC insisted that we weigh them (after placing bets, of course) when we got back to their house. My money was on 7+ lbs. Turns out they only weighed in at 4.6, but really. My leftovers weighed almost 5 pounds.


And as a final highlight of our time eating Chicago, I give you Mindy’s Hot Chocolate. This is a photo of my breakfast. It was fantastic, but wasn’t the highlight. The highlight is in that little sleeved cup in the upper right hand corner. Hot chocolate as it’s meant to be, on par with Angelina in Paris. Rich, decadent, and delicious.


While the basketball game didn’t turn out how we wanted it to in the end, we enjoyed a nice trip. We had such a great time with BC and RC. I was reminded how much like them we are and couldn’t help but lament the fact that we only rarely get to spend time together. I know we missed out on a world of Chicago food because really, there is so much, but we appreciated the time we had and the food we shared with people whose company we truly enjoy.



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