Lights {Le Champ de Mars Brasserie}


I slept pretty much all day on Wednesday. It was terrible for my jet lag, but pretty good for my illness. I’d planned on a nice leisurely lunch alone, but I’m fairly confident that all the sleep I got salvaged the rest of the trip, so I’m ok with having given it up. By the time B got back from the conference, I was feeling a little bit better and was ready to explore.

You know how in Las Vegas, everything looks like it’s short walk away and three days later, you’re still trying to reach the Mirage likes it’s, well, like it’s a mirage? The Eiffel Tower was the exact opposite. It looked like it was a fair distance from our hotel, but in reality, it was an easy walk (and that was even after taking the long way). We timed it well in that we got to see it in daylight on our way to dinner and all lit up on our way back to the hotel. We planned on going to the top, but with one look at the line, our growling stomachs after 9:00PM had another plan in mind.

We did our best to choose something at least a tiny bit off the beaten path, but after crossing the same street a couple times, we opted for the Le Champ de Mars Brasserie. I admit it had a bit of a tourist trap vibe, but everyone spoke to me in French throughout the meal and we got what we asked for, so I consider it a win.

The service was polite, but not particularly friendly, and slow, but no slower than we were coming to expect. I had a little trouble finding something on the menu I wanted. I eventually went for the chicken while B had the veal. He had plenty of nice things to say about his meal. My meal was fine. I kept trying to talk myself into it being something more than that, but honestly, it was just fine… and the chicken needed salt. As a general observation, we tried fries in a few different places and I found them all pretty disappointing and basically all the same.



For dessert, they had a few options, but we opted for a basic crêpe with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. You really, really can’t go wrong there. It was at once decadent and light… and a very good decision.


I can’t tell you how good or not good this meal really was. The truth of the matter is that I was going to be pretty satisfied with anyone who made an effort. The server listened and responded to me in French without asking me to repeat myself 14 times. Like I said, I consider it a win.


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