Jumping the Line {Lloydmartin}



I have food… amazing food from Paris to tell you about, but for the moment, there’s something more important. Every now and then, something happens that is worthy of doing away with chronological order. Life’s been a little hectic lately. B lost his grandfather, work’s been insane. B and I needed an outing. Earlier this week, after some brutal dental work for me, we ventured up to Queen Anne for a smoothie for dinner. While walking around, drinking our liquid dinner, we stumbled upon Lloydmartin. They’ve been on our list for a bit. We checked out the menu and it looked outstanding. While we didn’t expect to have time for a Thursday dinner this week, we both agreed that it would make a good one if we could swing it.

We made it to Lloydmartin tonight. While we were in France, at a particularly amazing dinner at Chez Fonfon (that I will happily tell you about soon), we had a conversation about what makes a meal truly profound. B passionately defended his point of view that a meal must be surprising and amazing to qualify as profound. I have my own additional criteria, but definitely subscribe to his point of view as well. It had been a good long while since a meal in Seattle qualified as profound… and then there was Lloydmartin.

Off the bat, their super brilliant bartender, Tyler, impressed the pants off of us. We put ourselves in his hands to serve whatever he felt like making. Best. Decision. Ever. We both had incredible bourbon cocktails. This guy is smart… like super smart, knows a ton about spirits, food, and people. He’s one of those people who you just want to sit and listen to because you know he’s going to teach you all kinds of awesome stuff. Mike McSorley (previously of Tini Bigs, RN74, etc.) is the last bartender we met who struck us as not only a cocktail genius, but an educator. Oh, and then there was the food. Seared foie gras with French toast (save the diatribe, I’m not interested), oxtail ravioli, rack of lamb, and amazing dessert waffle.



Every now and then there’s a meal that reminds me why I do this. It reminds me why food is my thing. It affects me, it affects B in a way that is at once tactile and completely intangible. We connect with each other over bites of shaved truffle, over the attention of a bartender who doesn’t get nearly the recognition he deserves for the work he does. We connect with the city we live in and lament the fact that eventually it’s time to go home.



Really, I can’t wait to tell you about France. I’m inspired to refresh my French skills and I’m already dreaming of our next trip. Tonight, though… Tonight I remember what I love about Seattle. I remember that we have people in this city who make their jobs a craft, an art, and whose work brings me joy and an escape from life’s regular stress.

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