In the Bag {Blake’s Lotabuger}


There is a time and a place for fabulous cuisine and there’s a time when something greasy from a bag just fits the bill. During our holiday vacation in Albuquerque, we definitely took some time to visit some old familiar favorites. High on my fast food list for the last several trips had been Blake’s Lotaburger, but we hadn’t eaten there after my parents said that the quality had recently gone downhill.

I’d given up on Blake’s. There are plenty more great places to visit when I go home, so really, that was ok. A few weeks before we traveled this time, though, I spotted a Blake’s bag on the table in an episode of Breaking Bad. From them on, every time I thought of a hamburger, I thought of Blake’s.

A couple days after we arrived in Albuquerque, when trying to think of something to pick up for lunch, I thought of Blake’s. My mom started to say that we shouldn’t do it. Then, she thought about it for a minute and changed her advice a little bit. She said we should go if we wanted to, but should probably order extra meat since the meat had recently been a little on the thin side. I figured even if she was just being nice, it was just one lunch, so we may as well give it a shot.


One quick drive through later, we were home with our double Itsa Combos with cheese, green chile and fries. The fries are my favorite. They have spiced curly fries that I hear are great, but I  love the plain salt and pepper variety. The crispy ends that are mostly potato skin are my favorite pieces.


As for the burger, I agree that the portion of meat has certainly changed. With the double patty, it might have been just a tad thicker than it was in previous incarnations as a single patty. They’ve definitely cut back. The chile was outstanding, though, and the flavor every bit as good as I remembered it. Blake’s is definitely still on my list of sentimental favorites to return to next trip.


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