Trust Me {Artusi}


It’s a crime to let a blog post sit for weeks after a new restaurant visit… any blog post. I mean, really, how much can one possibly remember after dozens of subsequent meals? The bigger crime, though, would be not telling you about our visit to Artusi. In all fairness, I don’t remember enough detail to be too specific, but it was such a great meal, I can’t let it pass until our next visit.

We bumped Artusi down on our list at least three times before we got there. That happens a lot, usually because we’re just not feeling up to whatever neighborhood the restaurant is in. Most often, we opt for somewhere we can walk to rather than getting in the car. This is what happened to Artusi. I’d heard such wonderful things about them, though, that I was determined not to move them again.




To start, B and I shared the Salumi plate (small/large spicy capocollo, speck, and salame gentile with house pickles). The Artusi menu is very limited. That’s not a criticism, mind you. In such a warm, intimate space, it would feel completely wrong if their menu didn’t match.

For dinner, I chose the beef cheek ragu and B went with the pork ribs. My photos came out terrible even though they looked fine on the tiny little screen. You’ll just have to trust me when I say everything looked as amazing as it tasted.

B and I almost always have leftovers after eating out, at least when we’re ordering full entrees. There wasn’t a single bite left on either of our plates this time around, though. We’ve had some great meals recently, but it had still been awhile since we had one quite this good. The space is awesome, the drinks were innovative and delicious, the food was fantastic, and the staff is awesome. Our server was adorable. I know that can be a little bit insulting to say about an adult, but I promise, that’s what she was in the best possible way. I asked for her advice on wine with dinner. Her reply? “Do you trust me?” Well, how could I possibly going to say no to that? She made an outstanding selection. I still have no idea what it was, and I’m ok with that.


When it came to dessert and B and I decided to sample some Amaro along with thehazelnut cake with gianduja ganache, we left ourselves in her hands. Again, she made two great choices. One of them smelled like the Aveda store to me, but it tasted great.

We were sad to see our meal come to an end and reminded that going just a few blocks farther from home is often a good idea. Next time, I think we’ll take our usual seats at the bar.

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