New Opportunities


Tonight B and I visited our friends at Marjorie, celebrating a wonderful new opportunity. I’m happy to share that I am now one of seven members of the U.S. Urbanspoon blog team. I am honored that I was selected to write for their official blog, expanding beyond my own restaurant experiences into the greater world of food and dining. My first post went live today. Here’s a quick excerpt with the full post on the Urbanspoon blog.

Vacation is a time to relax, to recharge, to eat with reckless abandon. It’s for lying by the pool, catching up on neglected reading, and embarking on new adventures. The catch is that there’s a whole world of travel planning before takeoff. Organizing your own party can be a challenge, but have you ever organized a trip for a group? I hope you packed your patience. …


Read the full article at the Urbanspoon blog…


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