Outside {GET OUT! Summer at SAM}


The worst part of my summer travel schedule is missing out on the best part of the year in Seattle. I’ve never been what you might call an outdoorsy type. I’m still not by most counts. I know how to camp, but I’m unlikely to choose it for a weekend away. I’ll go on short hikes if one happens to present itself, but I won’t seek it out. The biggest difference between now and the rest of my life is the most basic. Living in Seattle, I try to go outside. For the brief season when going outside is actually appealing, we try to do it as much as possible.

The Olympic Sculpture Park has had summer events for a few years now. For one season, there was a Thursday farmers market. Official word was that the SAM couldn’t support the security needed for these weekly events. It was a major loss to the neighborhood. As it turns out, maybe they found some additional funding or it was there all along, but Thursdays in the park (sans farmers market) are back on.

This summer, there is a weekly outdoor concert with food by Taste at SAM and a couple of food trucks for good measure. In a perfect scenario, we’d have our farmers market along with this series of events, but I guess that just wasn’t meant to be. B and I have put a couple outdoor Seattle activities on our calendars for the summer. Last week’s Thursday in the park was the first.

I’m awfully loyal to Where Ya At Matt, so I’ve seen Fusion on the Run at a number of food truck events, but haven’t tried their food. They have a fantastic reputation in the city, so while I was sad Matt and his team weren’t at the park, I was excited to finally try Fusion’s tacos.

We ordered three tacos each– Kalua pork with mango salsa and surfer sauce for me and marinated boneless short ribs with onions, cilantro, daikon, and carrot for B. Of course, B took all the good stuff off his tacos, so mine were definitely better (the pork was awesome). I’d like to try the short ribs with all extras next time. Cassandra Seaman and her Fusion team have a good thing good. Next time, I’ll probably have one of each (3 was definitely too many) with everything that’s meant to be on them.


Street Treats is another truck we see out and about on a fairly regular basis. Matt’s awesome oyster Po’ Boys are again to blame for our not having tried their truck before. It’s a big sandwich. There isn’t usually room left for dessert. B and I managed to save enough room on this visit to share an ice cream sandwich.


If it had been an ice cream sandwich for just me, I probably would have chosen something with a Snickerdoodle or maybe mint chip ice cream, but since I was sharing, I chose a basic chocolate chip cookie and vanilla. It sounds a little strange to say, but I think I would have enjoyed it more on a slightly cooler day. We had to eat it fast to keep it from melting from the heat and our hands. It would have been nice to stop and enjoy it more, but the good news is that Street Treats is out often enough that I’m sure there will be another chance to eat one of their ice cream sandwiches more slowly next time.


We didn’t stay out too long. The music wasn’t really either of our taste. There was an eclectic audience with lots of families, kids, a few pets, way too many barefoot people for my germophobic comfort level, people eating and dancing and appreciating the sunshine. We may just try another Thursday before the season is over… shoes on, of course.

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