Respite {Tavolàta}



Oh what a couple of weeks it’s been… Exhausting. Every year I forget how crazy this time of year is, but this time I truly think it’s much busier. B and I, continuing on our tour of neighborhood restaurants, took some time out for a regular old Thursday Night Dinner at Tavolàta. We visited one time before a couple years ago (maybe longer) for dinner and once not too long after that for a work event for B. What I remembered most (though everything was good) was the mozzarella. I didn’t order any this time, though I probably should have.

In keeping with our recent theme of communal tables, we chose our second restaurant in a row that offers that type of seating. This time, though, we had our own booth. The Tavolàta space is beautiful, but it feels almost cavernous… long and narrow with very high, dark ceilings. It’s almost the opposite feeling of another Ethan Stowell staple, How to Cook a Wolf which has an intimate, warmly lit, cave-like feeling. I enjoy them both, but for very different reasons.

The lighting in Tavolàta is dim, so my photos were all pretty much useless. We started with the chicken meatballs. They were excellent, but I missed my Buffalo Mozzarella. Next time. For dinner, B chose the Roasted Pork Chop. I remember it had Hazelnuts and dates and the best meat was between the bones. I had a pasta with Cuttlefish and squid ink that no longer appears on their online menu. It was two meals worth, but it was very, very good… and it made my teeth very, very purple. The photo just looked like black pasta in a bowl even though it was quite pretty. I opt to omit the photo.


I should take better notes as their desserts don’t appear on the menu either, but there are keywords that help me identify whether or not B will like a dessert. This one had caramel chocolate, peanut butter, and brittle. Sold! The brownie was a little dense for my taste, but that’s just it. It came down to personal taste. It was a very good brownie. I happen to like mine a tad bit lighter.


I’ve complained in the past about meals that last too long, service that’s too slow. I suppose it’s too easy to get caught up in the pace of everyday life. Meals like Tavolàta, though, meals like Le Pichet or any number of other Seattle restaurants aren’t meant to be rushed. We can rush them, of course, based on how we order, how quickly we eat, but frankly, we shouldn’t. It isn’t an epiphany. It’s common sense. When you’re moving a mile a minute through week after week, when there are rare moments away from the chaos, it doesn’t make sense to rush through them and back into the fray. The real question is… How do you remember that in the moment?


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