Sun {The Innkeeper}

“if, sir caballero, you’re looking for somewhere to stay the night, you’ll find plenty of everything you need here – all except a bed that is, we haven’t got any of those”

I love The Innkeeper for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is their literary inspired name, courtesy of their chef and inspired by his love for Don Quixote. I also love this quote on their menu. That’s a lot of love, I know.

The Innkeeper is another (welcomed) recent addition to Belltown. We’ve spent more than our fair share of time there since they opened. They won me over as soon as I saw sopapillas on the menu. We’ve only had them once, but they’re the only restaurant menu I’ve seen them on outside of New Mexico, so it bought them some quick credibility.

The Innkeeper specializes in food from “sunny climes.” It’s in any Seattle restaurant’s best interest to channel a little sun when they can. Their cocktail selection isn’t quite as diverse as their food, with a lot of the standard trendy cocktails you see on a lot of current Seattle cocktail menus, but they make them well and their Moscow Mules are served in Copper mugs which is a major prerequisite for me.

We’ve tried quite a few items on their menu, but my hands down favorite item is the Innkeeper chips. They aren’t so much chips as thinly sliced, soft, fried potatoes. I could eat them every day. Seriously. B loves them too, but that’s where our Innkeeper preferences diverge a bit.


When The Innkeeper first opened, they had these awesome potato tacos with a side of their green chili. They’ve since changed them to yam tacos. They’re also good, but I have to say, I’d rather they brought back the originals. B agrees.


Their chicken wings are B’s far and away favorite. They’re good. They’re really good and B loves them despite the fact that he’s always said he doesn’t like chicken wings. While I enjoy them, I’d rather have their White Anchovies and Avocado Tomato Salsa or their Pulled Pork Tacos. Still, I don’t complain when B orders the wings.


They definitely have larger sized portions on the menu, but I really appreciate that, for the most part, The Innkeeper serves food the way we like to eat it. Small portions that you can easily share two or three of. Everyone we’ve encountered there has also been super hospitable and friendly. It’s hard to argue with down to earth, accessible people, food, and drink.  I love some of the fancier restaurants in Seattle, but when it comes down to it, more often than not, after a stressful work day or work week, what B and I are looking for is someplace we can sit and be comfortable and enjoy a break from the routine. We’re happy to add The Innkeeper to our list of great places to do just that.


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