Sláinte {C.S. Finnegan’s}



Ok, so maybe this is a little bit of a chance to show off our sweet kittens again, but I promise it’s also relevant. I mentioned C.S. Finnegan’s in passing shortly after their opening. Since then, we’ve been back about 8 times (they only opened on St. Patrick’s Day). It’s definitely our neighborhood pub, which is exactly what I was hoping it would be. They aren’t quite as busy yet as I’d hope for them, but they’ll get there. I think people in Belltown still aren’t used to the fact that we’re getting neighborhood places back in the mix. It’s been awhile.

They have a variety of pub food and everything we’ve had so far we’ve really enjoyed. B and I haven’t quite learned how to eat here, though. What I mean by that is we’re still trying to learn to manage portion sizes. They’re really generous. We’re now down to choosing one entrée or appetizer to share with a side of their soda bread (which is awesome). On our last visit, we shared some mini-burgers, soda bread and I ordered the happy hour size of the fried pickle chips. It was still too much food.The generosity of portion sizes isn’t a criticism. It’s just a commentary on our own inability to self-regulate our choices thus far.

Two visits  ago, I took photos. B ordered the Reuben bites mini-burgers and I had the Fish and Chips. From the photo, it looks like my fish came with two chips, but there are lots. The fish pieces are just huge. B loves these Reuben bites. I’ve only had a taste, but they are really good. I can also speak highly of the stew, B adores their Bangers and Mash, and their curry potatoes are also fantastic.




Since Local Vine closed in Belltown, B and I hadn’t had a neighborhood, go-to spot. Barracuda (prior to their closing) was sort of the place, but their drinks weren’t all that diverse or interesting. We like Bandits, but no food there. We’ve tried a few places, but nothing has struck the right balance until C.S. Finnegan’s. Their bartenders (in particular, Jessica, their General Manager) are friendly and awesome. So, here’s the relevant kitten connection. Jessica named our kittens.

The day we decided to keep them, we went for a drink. We always sit at the bar. Chatting with Jessica over my Red Breast and B’s bourbon of the moment, we perused the bottles along the bar looking for name inspiration. Jessica was throwing names of bottles out there when she struck gold with Basil Hayden.

We’re well on our way to being regulars at C.S. Finnegan’s and that is a very good thing. In a city like Seattle where there is such a wealth of options, it’s easy to never be known anywhere, but there is so much more to be said for familiarity and comfort. Don’t get me wrong, there will never be another place in our hearts like Marjorie, but  C.S. Finnegan’s just could become our Irish version.


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