Summer Pretenders {Kushibar}


We had some uncharacteristically good May weather. I remember last May as depressing, cold, wet. Granted all year, we’ve had a total of one day over 80 degrees and probably five over 70, but  we’ll take what we can get. A couple weeks ago (yes, I’m that far behind) we ventured out somewhere we hadn’t been in at least two years… Kushibar.

We’d only visited Kushibar on one other occasion and enjoyed the food, but remembered the service being slow and sort of detached, so we hadn’t returned. Once we noticed how many restaurants we have within a close walking distance that we don’t take advantage of, though, we decided to give them another chance.

Despite the fact that the weather was cooling, we decided to sit on their enclosed patio (jackets on). It probably would have been super comfortable except that they had a lot of the windows open, so it was definitely on the chilly side. Their patio is long and narrow with rows of picnic style tables that suit their theme quite well. Unfortunately, we had a terrible, large group of very loud, very drunk people sitting behind us. They were so loud we couldn’t even have a conversation with each other without shouting, so just waited them out. Things improved once they left.

The complementary curry popcorn is a nice start. I forgot I had the camera in my bag until it was almost gone.


They serve a variety of noodles and other specials, but on both visits we’ve chosen the Kushiyaki (skewers). It’s really easy not to overeat here. We each ordered four skewers to start and were hungry enough to order four more to share. Between us, we had Yakitori (dark meat chicken), Tsukune (ground chicken), Shitake, Saikoro (diced steak), Gyu-Hatsu (heart), Unagi (eel), and Buri (Yellowtail). There were a couple of repeats. 



We were a little overzealous with round two, but B insisted I take a photo anyway. This Kushibar experience was definitely better than the first. The service is still on the cold side, but definitely not as slow as the last time.


I am sure I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s really  nice to see Belltown on an upswing. There are still sketchy parts for sure, but it’s getting better. I hope it keeps going that way. My hope is for more restaurants and specialty bars and fewer clubs. Here’s hoping…

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