Reliables {La Vita e Bella}


Basil Hayden-1

We got kittens. Meet Basil and Hayden… Yes, as in the bourbon and the first University of Kentucky men’s basketball All-American. We brought them home on a trial basis about three weeks ago and it quickly became apparent that they were staying for good despite B’s allergies. They were about three weeks old when they arrived, coming to us after being abandoned in an apartment complex mailbox a couple days after birth.

I’ve owned a lot of cats in my life. I hardly remember ever not having a cat growing up. This is all new territory for B, though, having never even seen a live kitten until these two. Everything they do is new and entertaining to him. I admit they’re pretty cute, so we’re spending more time at home than we used to. I know they’ll be full grown in no time flat and dramatically more self-sufficient, so we’re just enjoying the fact that, right now, they still need help getting onto the sofa.

Our two new little family members are part of the reason we stuck close to home for dinner last week. The other reason is that we realized how many places in our neighborhood we either haven’t ever tried or just haven’t tried in a long time.

La Vita e Bella used to be one of our go-to neighborhood patios in the summer. The service was never awesome, but the food was good and we enjoyed sitting outside. Then, one day in the Winter of 2010, a visit went awry and we hadn’t returned since. A few months ago we decided we were willing to give them another chance, but it wasn’t until last week that we finally did.

If you’re looking for an incredibly authentic Italian experience, La Vita e Bella may not be what you’re after. I’d be more inclined to send you to La Spiga or Barolo. If you’re interested in a cozy neighborhood restaurant with good comfort food, though, La Vita e Bella is a strong candidate.

B and I shared the Piatto Misto and, for dinner, B had what he always has – the Vitello Saltimbocca. I don’t have a usual here and opted for one of the specials of the evening, choosing the ravioli in lobster cream sauce that came with the surprise treat of a crab leg on top. B always raves about his veal and I thoroughly enjoyed my ravioli (as did B when he finished it for lunch the next day).

La Vita e Bella-1


La Vita e Bella-2


La Vita e Bella-3

And then there’s the Cannoli. I like it. B loooooooves it. We don’t normally get our own dessert, but this is one dessert that is best enjoyed by B alone. I fear I may lose an arm if I tried to have some. In all fairness, I did get a taste. I think the filling has changed. B says it seemed a little less full than the last time he had one, but loved it all the same.

La Vita e Bella-4

I had the Tartufo Classico (frozen truffle with zabaglione cream center; covered with chocolate gelato and caramelized hazelnuts and cocoa powder). Enough said.

La Vita e Bella-5

I’m pleased to say that this visit was pretty much the exact opposite of our short but abysmal experience all those months ago. Our server was friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and pleasantly familiar. We enjoyed our wine and the atmosphere. I’m surprised and happy that we can put La Vita e Bella back on our list of neighborhood reliables.


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