Indulgence {Chick-fil-A}



I’m not a fast food person. I’ll eat it if I have to, in a pinch, in an airport, desperately on the go, but you’ll never find me deliberately seeking out a drive-through. To every rule, though, there is an exception. My exception is Chick-fil-A. I love my Chick-fil-A.

Let’s face it. It isn’t really fast food. I mean, it’s fast and it comes in cardboard packaging served with ketchup packets, but it’s a step above the rest… and we don’t have it in Seattle. So, in the second half of my 26 hour trip to Atlanta, I made a special effort to have Chick-fil-A from their shop in the CNN center. Chicken nuggets and waffle fries with hot sauce and mayo…. best fast food lunch ever.

People stared when I took this photo, but that was fine with me. They also stared when I whipped out my laptop and started working at my table. I suppose neither are something the CNN employees and the tourists see often in their food court.

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