Going Solo {Glenn’s Kitchen}


I’ve missed a few blog post opportunities lately thanks to computer issues with my blogging software. Hopefully that’s all resolved now. Many fantastic (and a couple not so fantastic) meals have come and gone, some with camera in tow and many not.

A few weeks ago, I did something I’ve never done before. I had dinner, in a restaurant, by myself. It didn’t exactly happen on purpose… and it wasn’t exactly a restaurant. It was a hotel bar, but the concept remains the same. I made a trip to Atlanta for work. It was quick, only overnight, and I was traveling on my own. There are a lot of places I really wouldn’t mind visiting on my own, but Atlanta isn’t one of my favorite cities. I’m sure there are lots of nice aspects of the city. I just seem to always be in the not-so-nice areas.

On all of my trips to Atlanta, I’ve stayed at The Glenn Hotel downtown. The rooms are the size of postage stamps, but they’re very cute and clean and the staff in the hotel are always wonderful. Normally, on a solo trip, I would have just ordered room service, but I figured it was as good a night as any to have my first dinner out alone.

I chose to sit at the bar because, for some reason, that seemed less awkward. The bartender was really friendly, and not all that busy, so it was a good time to just sit and enjoy my Southern food. I opted for a strange combination… one appetizer, two sides and a dessert.

I love eating with B, but there are certain foods I don’t get a lot of when we share a meal. We tend to share plates rather than each having a large entrée, and this means I don’t get a lot of food that… well, that once grew in the ground. For my solo dinner, I had the shrimp and grits appetizer, a side of Brussels Sprouts, a side of whipped sweet potatoes and a waffle sundae for dessert. The sundae was my favorite, followed by the shrimp and grits, then the Brussels Sprouts and lastly, the whipped sweet potatoes. As it turns out, sweet potatoes don’t really whip well. At least these didn’t. The flavor was fine, but they sort of reminded me of those Thanksgiving, marshmallow adorned concoctions that I dreaded as a child.




It was a Tuesday night, so the bar wasn’t busy. I think I would have been a little more comfortable if there had been a few more people in the mix. Then again, maybe not. I didn’t mind eating alone and even stayed for a second half glass of wine. I don’t foresee a plethora of solo meals in my future, but I wouldn’t mind giving it another try.

I always enjoy staying at the Glenn. Their hospitality is exactly what one would hope for from a boutique hotel in the South. No one looks forward to Atlanta in July, but a few days at the Glenn won’t be so bad.

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