On Our Way {Shake Shack}


Here’s where I could say that we couldn’t believe how fast our vacation flew by and that, before we knew it, it was time to go home. That would be a lie. The truth is, our vacation felt just about as long as it was (just long enough) and by the seventh day, it was time to go home.

We didn’t have huge plans for the day, but also didn’t have to be at the airport until later in the afternoon, so after checking bags at the hotel and arranging our car to the airport, we headed out into the rain. It started out as Seattle rain… just enough to be annoying. The New Yorkers and tourists alike wielding their umbrellas were truly a menace. Really, it’s a miracle they don’t take someone’s eye out with those things. It’s just rain, people. You won’t melt. I promise. In Seattle, an umbrella (unless it’s raining hard) screams tourist. It appears this isn’t the case in New York. They just go along, crashing into each other, crowding the sidewalks and hindering the visibility of everyone around them. Of course, after some time with the Seattle-like rain, it started to pour. The umbrellas were still in the way, but they made a little more sense.

The rain managed to squash our plans to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, so B decided he wanted to go back to Times Square and walk around again. Now, even though I wasn’t too excited to visit even the night before, when it was all lit up, I could see why people go there. In the daytime, though… not so much. We hung out for awhile and did a little shopping, but really, the dirty, crowded, image really started to come into clearer focus. I didn’t much want to stay there for long. When it was time to eat, B texted B2 to get recommendations. He threatened B with bodily harm if we ate in Times Square. Bless him. At least the threat came with a recommendation… Shake Shack.

Now, B2 is not a fast food guy. I’m pretty sure he’s ok with me saying that. When he recommends a fast food restaurant, it’s a recommendation I trust. I remembered earlier in the week, he mentioned their Concretes, so even though when it came to order, we may have over done it, we had to have a Concrete.

We arrived and got in line at the bright, clean and friendly spot just in time. By the time we got our food, the line was out the door… and it was still raining. I’m getting ahead of myself, though. For our order, I had a ShackBurger and a side of fries that I shared with B. B had New York dog that he promptly removed all the kraut from. We shared a Great White Way Concrete (vanilla custard, marshmallow crème and crispy crunchies). B’s hot dog looked a little boring once he took all the good stuff off, but everything else was awesome… especially that Concrete.



As it turns out, New York really isn’t a very nice city in the rain. B and I tried and failed at finding a coffee shop to duck in to where we could have a seat. After wandering aimlessly for another hour, it was pretty obvious that it was really, really time to go home. We finally gave up on finding something warm and comfortable to do and decided to wait it out at the hotel. Even though we took the subway for a good portion of our trip back, we were pretty much drenched. I can’t say we were one bit disappointed when our car arrived at the hotel early and we were able to just get to the airport.

The town car turned out to be a brilliant idea. The flat rate was reasonable (and cheaper than a cab) and we didn’t have to risk trains or other public transportation in the rain, with our bags, not knowing where we were going. It would have been worth double, but we’re glad it didn’t cost that.

I don’t think we’ll see New York again any time too soon. We had a great time with great people, but as B’s mentioned a couple times now, it kind of wears you out like Vegas. I didn’t realize until we were in the car on our way that I was finally relaxed for the first time in a week. I fell asleep on the ride. Before that, though, this song came on the radio. It wasn’t this version, but this is the one I could find. We clued in to the lyrics about the same time. Very fitting end.



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