The Tourists {Trump Grill, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. & Legends}



Tuesday was a very weird food day. What happened is sort of what I expected to have happen once we were turned loose on the city without any idea where to go or reservations to keep us honest. Tuesday was also a very big day. After all, the whole reason we came to New York was a basketball game and that game was Tuesday night.

In the morning, we headed back to 5th Avenue for more shopping. You’d think by now we’d have spent a fortune, but we weren’t finding a ton to buy. We were mostly wandering. We wandered long and far enough that we got hungry and there wasn’t a reasonable looking restaurant within sight. 5th Ave. is clearly not prime eating territory. That’s when we saw it… Trump Tower. I admit, I didn’t really want to go in. I’m not what you would call a fan of The Donald and the building looked, well, super tacky. We were getting really hungry, though, and there was promise of a restaurant, so inside we went.

Tacky really doesn’t quite cover it… Opulent, horrifically ornate, over the top, decorating disaster… These all adequately describe what we found inside. Like I said, we were hungry, so we went with it. I felt terribly underdressed in the quiet dining room. Aside from a couple of men in business suits and a pair of lunching ladies, it was just me and B.


The menu was straightforward enough. They had a prix fixe menu or you could order off the full lunch menu. We were interested in a quick bite, so B chose the Turkey Burger awhile I opted for the Salad Nicoise.



B’s fries were a highlight. The bun looked a little too much like something that came out of the bottom of someone’s Coleman cooler, but he said the burger was good. Aside from the tuna on my salad being a little overcooked, I enjoyed my salad as well.

Lunch took a little bit longer than we hoped, but we left without any complaints about the food and were happy to find clean restrooms on our way out. I don’t know that I’d want to stay for a full multi-course meal, but it was just fine for a quick in-and-out lunch.

The rest of the afternoon passed pretty quickly. We made our way back to FAO Schwarz where I finally got to build my Muppet. This is Segel the Whatnot, my Muppet. You can’t see her hoodie too well in her plastic carrying case, but she’s very Seattle. The guy on the left (the far left, not the one with the green skin) is the very nice man who assembled her for me. I did feel pretty ridiculous toting her around NYC on my back, but she got lots of smiles and compliments from some pretty random strangers.


B and I each had a few things on our list that we wanted to do before leaving NYC. On this, our last night, it was obvious we’d each have to give up a couple things. B’s sticking point was Times Square. Mine was the Public Library. I had no interest at all in Times Square given that I’ve never heard a positive word about it, but B really wanted to see it and that was enough reason to prioritize it. We headed back to the hotel and got ready for the game quickly before walking back out in search of the lights.

And did we ever find lights!


It was pretty much like I expected except maybe not as smelly. B loved it… the lights, the noise, the crowds… all of it. If you look closely at the very first photo, you can spot us in our KY blue. We spent quite a bit of time walking around and taking photos before we started to think about something to eat.

So, B and I have a weird tourist/travel tradition that I’m kind of surprised I’m about to share. Way back, five years ago it started out innocently enough, much in the way we ended up at Trump Grill. We were traveling, we were hungry and our options were limited. We were in the Cancun airport and a little wary of unfamiliar food choices, so we ate at The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Then, a couple years later while on vacation in Maui, we were starving and the shortest wait in Lahaina was The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Since then, it’s become our weird little tourist tradition. We also visited the one on the Universal City Walk in LA. So, when we saw the big, blue and red logo in the middle of Times Square, we knew that’s where we were going.


Oh, and we always order the same thing…. The Shrimper’s Heaven… and we always have too many cold shrimp leftover and not enough coconut or tempura shrimp. I think we should probably change up our order on our next visit. B also had a beer he wasn’t too fond of and I had a cocktail that was a little too sticky sweet. We did enjoy our Bubba Gump experience, though. Our server was also awesome. He has the tourist bit down pat and volunteered a couple unique sight seeing tips before we were on our way.


From Bubba Gump’s, we headed to meet B2 for one last quick visit while he toured the Public Library with us. When we parted ways at the subway, B and I were off to Legend’s bar with the rest of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I learned firsthand last year that Kentucky fans travel, but I guess I’d forgotten in the last twelve months. Seriously. They travel. Both Jack Dempsey’s next door and Legends were absolutely bursting at the seams with rowdy, blue-wearing, UK-fight-song-singing Cats fans. Infectious is really the only word for it.

Despite the unbelievable crowd, under the agreement that we’d order food, we were able to get a table in the bar area. We were maybe an hour past dinner at that point, so we weren’t really hungry, but dessert sounded like a decent idea. Our very nice, but slightly overwhelmed server, very politely let us know we needed to order one thing each. I quickly scanned the menu and chose some steak fries. She seemed very relieved that we didn’t give her a hard time. We ordered Crème Brulee and steak fries. We got Apple Cobbler and steak fries. It was so loud in there, though, that I’m satisfied that she gathered we wanted dessert and she seemed pretty proud of their made to order cobbler. It was a good cobbler. Had I been hungrier, I would have loved the steak fries too.



While we were eating our second dinner, we had a little mealtime entertainment from the UK Cheerleaders. This video really doesn’t do the crowd justice, but it does give you at least a small idea.

UK Wildcats Cheerleaders at Legends before the Champions Classic

From Legends, it was on to the game. The game ended exactly as it should. It was a bit of rough start, but in the end, they pulled out the win, and B and I had a great time closing out another busy vacation day.


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