No Details {Shanghai Asian Manor}



Sunday morning in New York City brought a whole new array of tourist options, miles more walking and heat. Did I mention it was almost seventy degrees for most of our trip? Yes, in New York City in November. Considering we were prepared for much cooler weather, we were largely overdressed and overheated. I’m fairly certain everyone was really sick of hearing me complain about how hot I was, but it was really hot.

Our group was already shrinking in size as the other travelers were returning home on Sunday. We said goodbye to SS and MS on Saturday night at the wine bar. Sunday, the remainder of the group met at Starbucks in Chinatown (it looks strange to see that in writing) before walking over together to an early lunch.

I don’t want to say that B and I aren’t adventurous travelers because in some respects we are. Sometimes, though, we’d rather be adventurous with a little bit of guidance, so we were very happy to have B2 and his girlfriend, JH, as our guides on our Chinatown adventure. We made the short walk from Starbucks to Shanghai Asian Manor and found ourselves in a bright, clean dining area with a friendly staff. They had no trouble seating the six of us immediately and right up front.

I won’t even try to pretend that I’m not totally ignorant about what we ate beyond the soup dumplings, but it was all fantastic. I loved the soup dumplings. I’m hoping B enjoyed them even half as much as I did so we stand a chance of finding similar quality in Seattle. We’ll see about that, though. The second order had snow peas. The last round was shrimp. I was pretty full by the time we got to the shrimp, so I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I might have earlier in the meal, but it was wonderful.





What’s better than having a delicious, slightly adventurous lunch? A delicious, slightly adventurous lunch that cost $11 including tip for me and B. There were plenty of leftovers as well, so we were glad at least two in the group were local and could take them home.

From there we did some (surprise) more walking and sightseeing before saying goodbye to ST and TP and heading off to do some window shopping with B2 and JH. Why is it when you really want to buy something, you just can’t find anything to buy? It was probably better that we didn’t buy anything because dinner… Well, Sunday night dinner was the main event for me from a food perspective… with a headlining price tag to boot. That experience merits it’s very own post, though, so that story is best saved for tomorrow.

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