The Celebration Begins {Local 360}



B’s birthday is today, but he doesn’t celebrate his birthday. He celebrates his birth week. We kicked the whole week off with our favorite brunch buddy, Miss M, and her parents, HCS and KS. We mixed things up a bit and decided on lunch instead of brunch.

I’d wanted to take Miss M to Local 360 for awhile… ever since our last brunch, actually. She’s just like her mama, super social, and I figured there would be some excellent people watching for her to enjoy (it’s a very lively environment) and the adults would enjoy the food.

B and I arrived a few minutes early and that’s when I got a really hair-brained idea. I ordered a Bloody Mary. Now, a Bloody Mary is one of those things I should like because I like all the ingredients, but I really just don’t. Every now and then, once I’ve had enough time to forget the previous times, I order one. This time (since I’m an easy sell), I replied with an enthusiastic “Sure!” when the bartender offered me their special bacon Bloody Mary (it had a fancier name than that).

I’m not going to say it was terrible because I’m fairly certain it was a perfectly good Bloody Mary. It may have even been an outstanding Bloody Mary. I just really need to give up the quest and accept that, for drinks early in the day, I should stick to an occasional Mimosa.

Before we even arrived, I knew what I wanted to eat. Chicken and waffles. I’d wanted to try Local 360’s Chicken and Waffles for awhile, but B and I don’t do breakfast or brunch often, so we just hadn’t gotten around to it. All the same, I spent awhile perusing the menu just in case there was something I missed. In the end, I stuck with my first instinct. For B? Well, there really is no decision. We’ve been to Local 360 four or five times before and he always gets the Fried Chicken (chicken roulade with bacon mousse over cheesy grits and braised collard greens served with a  sunny-up egg). Seriously. Every time. KS followed suit with the same choice. HCS opted for the Butcher’s Breakfast off the specials board.


This waffle was awesome! I’m a big fan of the waffle I had a few weeks ago at Skillet, but this one was even better. Admittedly, they were hardly meant to be the same given the waffle at Skillet was a cornmeal waffle, but this one was so light and perfect. I could have eaten a whole stack. The chicken was also really good, but I think next time I’ll just stick with the waffles.


B’s Fried Chicken was certainly no surprise. He practically inhaled it. He won’t touch the greens, so I was the happy beneficiary of those. They’re delicious. KS seemed to enjoy his too, but he also seemed to enjoy Miss M’s homemade baked mac and cheese that arrived in a sizzling skillet. He was just helping her out. It was a massive portion of mac and cheese for a very small person. That’s what dads are for!


HCS had a whole lot of butcher’s goods on her plate! There were also some delicious maple baked beans (at least they tasted maple) and some tomatoes and poached eggs. Miss M handled the tomatoes for her mom.

The verdict from the table is that everyone would gladly return to Local 360. B and I will likely be back sooner than later since it’s a great place to be when the weather is bad. Excellent comfort food. This day, though, all five of us were thrilled to walk out into the sunshine we thought was gone for good. The skies weren’t nearly so blue when we arrived. We all headed across the street to Endless Knot. It’s a great little local store with adorable clothes and great hats. I mostly go there for the hats. I never was a hat person until moving to Seattle, but now I’ve become somewhat of an amateur collector. I found a cute red one on this visit.

B was happy to start his birthday week off right with great food, great company and wonderfully nice people at Local 360. HCS and I were both happy to leave the boys to their video game chat and Miss M is always great company. I really can’t believe in only three short months, they’ll be a family of four. We can’t wait to meet the newest little one!

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