Priorities {Chandler’s Crabhouse}



This photo isn’t from last night. It’s from last August when my parents visited. It’s a pretty good representation of what the city’s looked like for over a week now, though. Oddly, it’s been almost hot outside, but the inside of our condo has magically stayed at a tolerable temperature. We could seriously get used to this… even though we really shouldn’t.

Since the weather has been so nice, I’ve juggled our schedule a bit to prioritize  restaurants at their best in sunlight. There will be plenty of time for the warm, cozy spots before we know it. Last night was our first visit ever to Chandler’s Crabhouse. I don’t know why it’s taken us so long. We visit another Schwartz Brothers restaurant, Daniel’s Broiler, fairly often and their Lake Union location is just next door.

This week’s Thursday dinner got bumped to Friday thanks to a Homeowner’s Association committee meeting for B on Thursday night. That didn’t make me super happy at the time, but in the end, it was really nice to have happy hour to look forward to after a very long and busy week (despite it being a four day work week).

I arrived ahead of B after a rare solo drive across the bridge. He had an all day work offsite in Bellevue and was heading back to our side of the water with his friend, D. Friday traffic was true to it’s evil form. It took longer than I’d hoped to get to Chandler’s and B and D left after I did. Finally I arrived, found parking right away and found a table on the patio.

I was going to make the polite decision and wait to order anything until they arrived. About five minutes after I sat down, though, I get a text message from B that says “We’re going to hit up [the liquor store] before heading that way. We are almost there.” That’s hit up, not hold up. Not the best decision to leave me hungry and waiting, but oh well. B had been out of bourbon for weeks. Once I knew I’d be waiting awhile, though, I stopped being polite and ordered a glass of wine and Truffle fries. Besides, at this point there were only about 30 minutes left in happy hour.


The fries weren’t at all what I was expecting. That’s not a complaint. It was just a surprise. Potato wedges with shredded cheese on top. They were pretty good. I’d have liked something other than plain ketchup to dip them in, but we’ve discussed this. I’m a little too crazy about dipping sauces. 25 minutes later (but who was keeping track), half a glass of wine and 3 fries (single fries, not orders) later, the boys arrived.

They ordered drinks and we all ordered more food… way too much food as it turns out. Steamed Clams and Mussels, Tempura Prawns and Asparagus, Colorado Lamb Riblettes, Dungeness Crab and Artichoke Dip and the Pork Slider (singular).

I love clams, mussels, oysters, pretty much any shellfish. These weren’t great, though. I think maybe they’d been over-steamed. They were kind of mushy and didn’t have a lot of flavor… slightly weird texture.


As for the prawns and asparagus, the prawn I had was really, really good. I don’t really eat asparagus, though, so I’ll reserve judgment on that one.


The Colorado lamb riblettes were B’s addition. The one I enjoyed the one I had, but it was a little fatty. Both D and I really liked the edamame that came on the plate, though.


I think the Dungeness crab and artichoke dip was my favorite. I probably would’ve eaten more had we not ordered so many other dishes. I was sort of relieved when she took it away. Otherwise, I would have kept right on going.


B is the only one who had the pork slider. When I asked how it was, he replied “good.” So there you have it.


It had been quite awhile since we last hung out with D… and it had been even longer the time before. I joke that he doesn’t like us anymore. The truth is, we all just get so busy. B and I are no exception. It’s been a couple weeks that I’ve been trying to make plans with another friend, but every time I have a moment to reach out, it seems another week has gone by and there are other time commitments looming.

B and I keep ourselves very busy by choice. Especially this time of year, we don’t want to waste a minute. We have to remember, though, how important it is to make time to slow down and enjoy the people in our lives. I do love our restaurant adventures, our happy hours, our time out, but one thing we miss out on living in the city is the ability to really entertain. We know some great people, some with kids who it isn’t as easy to bring out with us. My greatest hope for our next home is that we’ll have the space to bring together our friends from all the different aspects of our lives. Of course, the food won’t be as good if I’m making it, but it won’t really matter.


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