Switching Gears {RN74}


So many games, so little time. PAX Prime lasts three days. It’s a very long three days. B took pity on me Saturday morning after a very long Friday. We slept in, but still made it to the convention center by a little after noon. B had our afternoon and early evening well planned out with more time on the show floor and panels until 9:00.

We thought about just heading home after the last panel, but we were hungry and I really needed a break from the sensory overload of PAX. We decided to give RN74 a shot even though it was a little late. It was a relief to get out of the convention center.

As soon as we walked up to the door, I realized we were horribly, horribly underdressed… and I was carrying a backpack. I suppose we could have decided to leave and go somewhere more casual, but the space is absolutely beautiful and I immediately wanted to stay. Besides, they were nice to us.

First up, I really needed a drink. The last panel line was particularly trying on my patience. B chose an I’m Only Happy When it Rains (Bulleit bourbon, Pinot Noir reduction, maraschino liquer and lemon). After tasting his, I almost ordered one of my own.


For me, it was a Suedehead (Cruzan light run, green Chartreuse, rock candy syrup, lime juice, basil). It was also an excellent choice. I love basil, so it wasn’t a tough sell. Besides that, it was really pretty when you got to the bottom.



The décor inside RN74 is absolutely gorgeous. I mentioned to B earlier in the meal that this is somewhere I can see us visiting in the Winter because it’s just so warm. The lights, the textures, everything about it almost glows.


More than we were underdressed, more than we were taken with the ambiance, more than we needed a drink, we were hungry. We started with the Hudson Valley Foie Gras Sliders (with caramelized onion jus, sylvetta and apple mustard). Decadent is a good word to describe them. There is a good reason two small sliders are on the menu of shareables. They are really wonderful, but one is just the right amount.


For dinner, B chose the special Filet. It also came with Yukon Gold Pommes Purees and Espelette creamed Inaba corn. The verdict from B was “amazing….” except for the creamed corn. I really liked it, but B just isn’t a fan of creamed corn.


My Coq au Vin was also a hit. Aside from being presented beautifully, every bit was full of flavor and different from the one before. It didn’t look like a ton of food, but the portion was more than generous.


For dessert we shared the Opera Torte (espresso curd, almond milk ice cream and chocolate). Much like my Coq au Vin, each bite was a little bit different thanks to a variety of flavors throughout. All of them were wonderful.


It couldn’t have been more of a relief to switch gears away from the lights, noise and crowds of PAX. Everything about RN74 is warm and comfortable. Of course, next time we’ll dress more appropriately. It’s really the only thing that would have made the whole experience nicer. I know there will be a next time. Their bar menu also looks fantastic. It will be a truly inviting refuge once the rain starts again. For this visit, though, it helped us wind down from a hectic day at PAX and gear up for another jam packed day on the show floor with all our new friends.


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