Too Much of a Good Thing {Cherry Street Coffee House Belltown}



B is a creature of habit. To some degree, by comparison, I seem like a real fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. He’s been eating the same bacon, egg and cheese bagel from Cherry Street Coffee House for the better part of two years. I’ve had my share, but the bagels don’t set super well with my stomach and I just can’t eat the same thing over and over like that. He, however, continues to eat them with enthusiasm.

During college basketball season, it’s an almost weekly pre-game occurrence. Now, don’t get me wrong, I really like Cherry Street. They make great coffee, awesome chai and sometimes they have the amazing gluten free muffins from Wheatless in Seattle. They also have a great Caprese Salad and smoked salmon (not together). I just can’t eat the same thing all the time. So, for the most part, when B makes his Cherry Street journeys, I’ll get a chai and find something else for breakfast.


This past weekend, beginning on Friday morning, B and I embarked on our annual 3-day foray into the depths of geekdom… Otherwise known as PAX Prime. If you aren’t familiar with PAX, it’s a 3 day convention for videogame, PC and tabletop gamers. B waits all year for PAX. It’s fun, but it’s always exhausting… and sometimes it doesn’t smell so great.

On PAX day 1 this year, B and I stopped at Cherry Street for breakfast on our way to the convention center. You already know what B had. A muffin wasn’t going to cut it for me at Nerdfest, so I opted for a tomato and basil breakfast wrap.




B enjoyed his bagel just as much as always (though he was a bit bummed they were out of his usual Everything bagel). As for me, I ordered badly. It was my fault. I overlooked the part of the menu that said it came with egg. It says it plain as day… and it is a breakfast wrap, after all, but I didn’t notice (it’s not the first time, either). I just wasn’t in the mood for eggs, but if I had been, it would have been great.

The people at Cherry Street are all familiar faces by now, but they’ve always been generally friendly. It’s nice to have a neighborhood coffee shop. Even though we only moved 4 blocks when we bought our condo, our old favorite, Uptown Espresso, felt just out of range. Cherry Street is always there for reliably good coffee and to give B the fuel he needed to do a whole lot of this:



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