In Good Company {5 Spot}

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B and I are new Seahawks season ticket holders. It’s a test drive season. We purchased the seats from B’s co-worker who wasn’t able to use them this year. We’ll see how we like it. Saturday night was the first pre-season game. Their performance was more than a little embarrassing for Seahawks fans, but we still had a great time.

After the game, we headed to F.X. McRory’s with JF, KM and another of their friends. It wasn’t a super late night, but it still left me wondering which genius scheduled breakfast for 9AM the next morning with our favorite brunch buddy, the lovely Miss M and her parents, HCS and KS. Yeah, that was me. By some miracle, though, we woke up without a problem and drove up the hill to 5 Spot on Queen Anne.

5 Spot is a greasy spoon in the most traditional sense. They have a good variety of options including some less traditional breakfast choices, but it’s also very easy to find everything you’d expect to see on an American breakfast menu.

Over a month had passed since we last saw Miss M and her parents at their home in Kirkland. We try not to go too long between visits and we try to alternate between Eastside and Westside locations. I’m pretty sure this trio is the only reason we ever venture to the Eastside outside of work.

I’ve been taking a very long time to choose my food these days. Part of the reason is that I’m just trying not to eat so much food, so I want to make my selection carefully. On this particular morning, though, that wasn’t the problem. We all get to chatting as soon as we sit down together, so between all the catch-up talk and listening to Miss M’s new animal impressions (her horse is particularly impressive), I was just more focused on the company at the table than the menu.

In the end, I identified what B would order before I ever made a decision on my own. B’s usually pretty reliable in his choices and the Hair of the Dog-Wich (Fried egg sandwich with bacon & cheddar on panino with festival taters & bloody mary salad) was perfect match for his breakfast tastes. As much as I wanted to find out what a Bloody Mary salad tastes like, I never had the chance. B asked them to leave it off.


I eventually settled on the Kathryn’s Grand Slam (Buttermilk pancakes with real maple syrup, bacon and two eggs). Given my way, I would have had half the pancakes and added hash browns, but I settled for eating half my pancakes and stealing some of B’s hash browns. I could give up most carbs if I needed to, but not potatoes. I love potatoes.


We all sat and enjoyed a nice long breakfast. Miss M provides endless entertainment (though she found us quite boring compared to the kids at the table behind us). She really is quite the social butterfly.

After breakfast, we walked down the street to Once Upon A Time, the most adorable children’s shop ever. B and I walked out with some gifts for our favorite kids (in addition to the one who was at breakfast) and Miss M’s parents bought her the cutest sleep sack. There were so many things I wanted to buy. Next time we need to buy a child gift, that’s definitely where we’re headed. Never mind the fact that I wanted to move in. It’s in the most amazing old house. Queen Anne was just full of reminders why I still think I could live there quite happily.


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