Indulgence {Daniel’s Broiler Lake Union}

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I’ve taken photos of our food at Daniel’s Broiler twice before this (on two of many visits), but haven’t written about them. There hasn’t been a single thing wrong. The first time I waited because our favorite times at Daniel’s are on their patio at happy hour. The second time I think I must’ve just been behind on posts. This time we weren’t on the patio, but we did have a sunny window, so split the difference.

Aside from a great patio, great happy hour menu and super friendly staff, one of the big draws for us is that their happy hour starts early… 4:00 early. They’re also right on our way home, so it’s an easy detour. Tuesday afternoon we pulled in for just such a happy hour stop.

Daniel’s is one of those places that, especially in the summer, reminds me why we live here. With amazing water views (something I didn’t grow up with a whole lot of) and yachts to daydream over, on a sunny day, it’s just gorgeous. They also have great food in the classic, old Seattle way. They’re known for their steak and it is amazing, but I really do think you’re missing out if you’ve been to Daniel’s and haven’t had the bar or patio experience… and it’s not about the drinks.

B and I are booooring when it comes to our Daniel’s choices. We always order the same thing. Half a dozen oysters for me, popcorn shrimp for B and Kobe steak strips for us to share. I decided I was super hungry this time and added the Dungeness crab legs. They were great, but it kind of threw off our balance.

The oysters were awesome as always, though half of them were really large. I think for real oyster aficionados, that’s probably a good thing, but I still haven’t overcome my texture issues… and they aren’t exactly one of those foods you can eat in bites.


And then there were those crab legs. Super rich in a wonderful mustard, but maybe a little rich in combination with our other choices. B always appreciates crab more when the work’s been done before it gets to the table, though.


Of course, one can’t overlook B’s Daniel’s favorite… the popcorn shrimp. I admit they are delicious, and I’m pretty sure B would rather have the whole box (and a very cute box it is) to himself, but he’s always kind enough to indulge me and the few bites I steal.


The Kobe steak strips are my real favorite, though. It never fails as soon as we start eating them, I think we should have had a second order. One is always enough in the end. They’re just that good that I could eat a second if it was in front of me.


As if we hadn’t already done more damage than we should have, there was dessert. I’m inclined to say B made the decision on dessert, but I’m actually not sure if that’s true. It may have been me. Anyway, this Valrohna molten chocolate cake is amazing. It’s also pretty small… which is a good thing.


We really didn’t have summer in Seattle this year. We’ve had some decent temperatures lately, but we didn’t get those long warm days when a patio happy hour extends to a patio dinner and a 10PM sunset. We got a couple patio happy hours, a patio dinner or two and lots of 10PM sunsets, but the weather just didn’t do us any favors or help us to prolong those long summer days. I know we should be grateful we didn’t suffer through the scorching weather that so much of the country did. Truly, after spending time in the Southwest, I am. I’d rather have this, but now that the days are getting shorter and sunset is coming earlier and earlier, I am a little sad that the season seems to have missed us altogether. Autumn and Winter certainly have their virtues, and soon enough, we’ll have to remember once again just what those are.


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