Return to Normalcy {Branzino}



Nineteen days is a long time to be away from home. It’s a long time to be out of a routine. It’s a long time to live out of a suitcase. Though B and I briefly considered changing our plans to spend one more day in Vegas, by Friday morning, I was very happy to be going home.

Of course, being away for so long (B was gone a week himself) meant we were coming home to an empty refrigerator and no desire to visit a grocery store. We opted for dinner out at Branzino and an Amazon Fresh order for the next day. A quiet dinner sounded very appealing, especially one within walking distance.

I’ve mentioned it before, but Branzino has gotten steadily better as time has gone on. The only drawback is that they’re a little pricier than some comparable Belltown options. Not by much, though.

We started with the Italian Meatballs to share. They looked pretty small when they arrived at the table, but they were more than enough.


For dinner, we both chose the Grilled Kobe Steak with olive oil poached potatoes and Salmoriglio. We usually try to order different entrees so we get to try something different, but B always gets the steak at Branzino and, no matter how good what I order is, I always wish I had the steak. This one was no exception. It was definitely a steak worth being jealous of.


At the servers suggestion, I was also somehow able to talk B into ordering a side of corn (with pine nuts and scallions). It was a great combination.


Most of my steak and the corn ended up in a box for later thanks to a still lackluster appetite (it reheated wonderfully later). B made the executive decision on dessert, though, and I wasn’t sad at all about that. They don’t have their desserts listed on their website, but this was a chocolate molten cake with stracciatella.


It was a very quiet dinner with only a few words here and there. After the non-stop lights and sound of Vegas, it was a very welcome quiet meal for sure. Monday would bring some semblance of a return to a normal routine (though not as much as I expected).


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