Just Another Day at the Office {The Pool at Bellagio}



So, I’ve been to Black Hat with B two times before. One was miserably boring because it rained the whole time. The other was a ton of fun as my friend, HCS, was there with her husband, KS. B works during the day (and in other ways at night too), and I’m fine with entertaining myself, but there’s only so much pool time and shopping before it gets a little boring. This time, I had a different plan. I would work too! Coming off the busiest time of year, we get a little bit of downtime at work, but there’s still plenty of busy work to go around. Who says you can’t mix business and pleasure? I decided to convert a cabana at the Bellagio pool into my office for the day.

B and I had managed a couple hours of pool time on Tuesday and I knew it would be hot, but it was hot. 105 degrees  hot at 9:45AM. If you’ve followed along, you know I’m really, really not good in the heat. For some reason, I keep trying, though. The covered cabana, the fan and the misters were a big help, though.

Upon arriving at Cabana 39, I set about finding power outlets and getting myself settled. I had just glanced at the various menus on the back bar when my cabana host, Louis, arrived. Louis is awesome. I’m not exactly sure how anyone stays that friendly and on top of things running around in heat like that, but he did a fantastic job. First order of business was breakfast, of course. Turns out my eyes were still bigger than my stomach, but Eggs Benedict sounded like a great idea.


Truthfully, they were pretty much what you would expect from a hotel Eggs Benedict, a good hotel Eggs Benedict anyway. I only managed half and some of the potatoes, but it was still the biggest meal I’d eaten in days. Included in the price of the cabana is a mini fridge full of water bottles and soda. There is also a fruit plate. I wasn’t expecting much of it, but it really was quite nice.


My some miracle, and in between frequent dips in the pool to cool off, I actually got a fair amount of work done. Before I knew it, it was well after lunch time and I was hungry. Louis came around on one of his check-ins and I ordered Rock Fish lettuce wraps. This what about the time the headache started. Foolish as it was, I convinced myself that it was actually just a hunger headache and after a few bites of food I’d feel better.


I enjoyed the Rock Fish lettuce wraps, for sure, but they were also tiny… and easy on the Rock Shrimp. Nice flavor, though, and the coolness was welcome in the heat. I probably should have ordered more food, just like I probably should have gone inside, but I was being a bit stubborn on both topics and waiting it out for B to finish his work day and join me.

About 4:00, I finally stopped waiting. B made his way down to the pool and ordered a drink. I ordered one too (another poor decision- I was full of them) along with an order of Chicken Strips for us to share. We had our drinks in the pool while waiting for our chicken. The chicken (with a side of ranch) sure doesn’t look like much, but it was definitely the highlight. Had I not already fully descended into sun sickness at that point, I probably could have finished a whole order on my own.


After saying goodbye to Louis we headed back upstairs to get ready for dinner. I tried to take a quick nap and will some of the unwell feelings away, but it seems that wasn’t meant to happen. Nonetheless, before long it was time to regroup and get ready for dinner. That, though, is a story for tomorrow.


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