Very Vegas {Fix Restaurant & Bar}



Wednesday night did not bring back my appetite, but it did bring another night out in Vegas and another dinner sans appetite. I’ve been to Fix Restaurant & Bar before. I think my last visit was at least three years ago. I think I liked it.

Anyway, upon our arrival, the hostess informed us it would be an hour for a table. That was not going to work. We were on a schedule with the Qualys party to get to. Thankfully there were seats in the bar, though, enough to accommodate the four (that turned out to be six) of us.

There were a lot of options on the menu and it took awhile for everyone to choose. Not B, though. B had his mind set on the Rock Shrimp before we ever sat down. As for me, my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. I opted for the lobster tacos (4 bite sized) and a half a dozen oysters. My rationale? I can order more if I’m still hungry. We also split a side of potatoes. I was not still hungry.

You get awesome black and white photos since the very Vegas lighting reeked havoc on the color.






The tacos were very tiny, but very tasty. The potatoes were even better. Nonetheless, I only managed a few bites of potatoes and two of the tacos. Fortunately for me, Ben’s co-worker, DC, was on hand to make sure good food didn’t go to waste. He was also on hand to quality test Fix’s Baked Alaska. I took a photo of it because it was gorgeous, but didn’t try it. I did, however, have a couple bites of B’s donuts with chocolate and peanut butter dipping sauces.



Everyone seemed pretty pleased with their choices. Truly, I don’t have too much to say about Fix. Good food, super slow service, very Vegas (whatever that means). They have a super cool ceiling.

This, I admit, is not very inspirational. Maybe that’s the point, though. Sometimes it’s just dinner and that’s more than enough.

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