Blame it on the Sunshine {Bouchon}



So… the sun and I… we don’t mix. I know this well. It’s been this way my whole life, but I continue to fight it. After a couple weeks in the desert, I was reminded of this sad fact on a couple of different occasions. For all the pining I do for sunlight here in Seattle, days on end of desert sun is very different business.

Tuesday morning, B and I arrived in Vegas on the last leg of my nearly 3 week trip. Our plan was to check in and head to the pool to get some lunch. A couple hours and a terrible Greek salad later, we headed back to the room. B kept moving to Caesar’s to register for Black Hat and I decided to nap for awhile (ever aware of the need to rest post-sun exposure). Not long after B returned, it would be time to head to dinner with his team at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon inside the Venetian.

Something very strange happened to my appetite while we were in Vegas and it’s persisted since we’ve been home. It’s all but vanished. I take a couple bites and I’m full beyond reason. I assume the heat triggered this and I just haven’t recovered. This was a special shame at Bouchon since I’ve been hearing B talk about his yearly Bouchon dinners for the last two years. I was looking forward to trying it. Though I was feeling pretty sick from the sun (my usual Excedrin, water, nap combo hadn’t done the trick), I was hopeful if I just sat for awhile, I would feel better enough to enjoy the meal.

The server brought over bread and someone at the table ordered a bottle of wine. I only had a little wine since I assumed further dehydration probably wasn’t in my best interest, but it was very good. Under normal circumstances, I would have had a healthier pour.



I couldn’t tell you what B’s ordered as an entrée the last couple years, but he’s mentioned the salmon rillettes after every visit. We ordered it to share again this time.




Even with a queasy stomach, I enjoyed the rillettes quite a lot. Though I’m coming around over the last couple years, I’m not much of a salmon fan, so it still has to be really great salmon for me to like it. B and I both had the steak frites for dinner. A couple of the other people at the table ordered sides of frites as well, so when all was said and done, there were a lot of potatoes on the table.


The steak was wonderful. Not at all tough as steak frites is wont to be. Sadly, I was only about to stomach about three bites. My appetite seemed to have abandoned me altogether.

After our entrées, B and one of his co-workers at the table lamented the absence of their favorite Crème Brûlée from the menu. I know I saw it on the dinner menu. The server insisted I had not seen it there. I know I did, though. I may have been sun sick, but I wasn’t delusional. Nonetheless, it was not on the dessert menu, but we were still able to order it. I managed a bite or two of B’s. Good stuff.


Sadly, I don’t have a ton of enthusiasm to share around our meal at Bouchon and that has absolutely nothing to do with Bouchon. Everyone else at the table loved it quite a lot, and under normal circumstances, I would have to. The bistro feel of the space is comfortable and classy. The service was a little cool for my taste, but super professional. I imagine it suits many people quite well. There definitely isn’t anything to complain about with regard to the food. It was a perfectly lovely dining experience. I suppose I was the downfall of the meal. I’m sure we’ll be back. I’ll just need to be more careful of pre-dinner pool time.


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