There’s No Place… {Tia Juanita’s}



No website, no Urbanspoon… This is airport food. As a general rule, no one loves airport food, right? Albuquerque may not be a bastion of gourmet cuisine, but it’s easy enough to find really good food. When it comes to airport food, though, it’s always been a little different than your standard city.

With nary a chain to speak of (no Starbucks, no McDonald’s) for as long as I can remember, Baskin Robbins was pretty much the only national chain inside the airport. That’s far from a criticism, by the way. There were never a ton of options, so anything new stood out. Upon my arrival, I noticed right away that things had changed since my last visit. There’s a Panda Express (not my favorite, but recognizable for sure), a coming soon sign for a brewery and a couple other local choices.

B and I arrived at the airport Tuesday morning with plenty of time to spare for breakfast. He went off in search of coffee, I went in search of a breakfast burrito. I found myself at Tia Juanita’s. Nothing made me happier than ordering one last meal that ended in green or red. Chorizo, egg, hash browns, burrito… green.



While I was super sad to leave Albuquerque (departure day is always really hard for me no matter how many years go by), I was glad to have this one little piece of home on my way out… and it was good. It was really good. There’s really not much more to say about it than that.

Albuquerque will always be home. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I challenge anyone to say a bad word about my city. You don’t have to love it like I do, but mind yourself. If you’re looking for a little guidance on what makes it great, just ask someone who knows, who really knows it. Chances are they love it and will be happy to help you find the right path..


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