Across State Lines {Rudy’s}



B has his Albuquerque favorites too. Oddly enough, though, his Albuquerque favorites are largely Texas inspired. The first one makes no sense to me no matter how hard I try to understand it- Taco Cabana. This one must be a Texas thing because, while we have Taco Cabana in Albuquerque, I don’t know anyone who is really passionate about it. I know more than my share of former Texans, though, who speak of it with a bizarre reverence.

B’s second food favorite makes more sense. While Rudy’s is more a Texan staple than a New Mexican one, it definitely has it’s place in many an Albuquerquean’s heart. This trip B proclaimed that he was ok with it if we skipped Rudy’s since we went on our last visit… a year and a half ago. By the time Monday rolled around, though, we had a ton of leftover sides from a Sunday night barbeque and decided takeout meat from Rudy’s was the perfect dinner idea. We were hardly in the door when B confessed that he couldn’t believe he’d almost passed up a trip.


Rudy’s is definitely a country store. From the checkered table cloths on the long picnic tables to the troughs of drinks, It definitely doesn’t feel anything like someplace you’d find in the city.


B and I didn’t have much trouble deciding since we pretty much always order the same thing. A smoked baked potato for me with Chopped and Chopped for him. We took home a pound to share with my parents along with a bottle of sauce. We opted to use the rolls we already had at home instead of the Rudy’s standard sliced white bread. There are many Rudy’s aficionados who will argue that the bread is part of the Rudy’s experience, but for me, it’s the only part of Rudy’s I don’t really like.


That’s a gluten free label on the right side of the sauce bottle, by the way. We picked up our purchases and headed back home… Not before buying B a t-shirt and me a hat, though. B had to have the t-shirt. Really, he did.

The chopped doesn’t look like much, I’ll give you that. Trust me when I say it’s brilliant, though. Just a teeny bit spicy, lots of flavor, not too much salt. Smothered on top of my butter and sour cream baked potato, it was perfect! Well, it was almost perfect. Eating it outside under my parents’ pergola in ideal weather made it really perfect.



It made for a great last night before our Tuesday morning flights to Vegas. I always have a hard time leaving Albuquerque after a visit. Every visit is just enough time to realize how much I’m missing out on with family and friends. Seattle is where we’re supposed to be, but never a visit passes when I don’t wish I could put Washington and New Mexico right next to each other on the map.


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