Saucy {Dion’s}


A couple days ago, B and I came to the conclusion that while we definitely have many foods we miss from our respective home states, what we may miss the most comes down to one word: sauce. From KY, it’s Mike Linnigs tartar sauce and O’Charley’s honey mustard. For me, it’s Dion’s ranch. Of course, there are others… Rudy’s barbeque sauce, 505 Green Chile Sauce. These are just a few examples.

I’m definitely not alone on the Dion’s ranch. I know people from outside Albuquerque who eat ranch on their pizza, but as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t really count if it’s not Dion’s ranch.

In any case, Dion’s is almost as much of a New Mexico staple as green chile… Maybe not quite as much, but pretty close, and the two aren’t entirely unrelated. B’s eaten there on past visits, but this time he was convinced he’d never had their pizza before. Truthfully, I couldn’t remember if he had either. As for me, while I really like their pizza, it was a roast beef sub I was really after. We called in the order and drove over to pick it up.

This particular location (Academy Hills) is literally across the street from my Middle and High school, so it’s another spot with almost as many non-food related memories as memories of the pizza and subs…. Maybe more, actually. Flying Star, Dion’s, Bennigan’s (now closed)… all have their own rightful place in the memory of days gone by.

As for Sunday’s visit, I got exactly what I came for and B finally got to try Dion’s pizza… with lots of ranch.


The Greek dressing that comes with the sub is another highlight for me. Admittedly, I think it’s a bit of an acquired taste. B tasted it, but apparently hasn’t acquired the taste for it just yet. I think the pizza may have had a little more green chile on it than he expected too. He took some off onto his plate. Without thinking, I found myself snatching it right up to eat and telling him, “Don’t waste it!” It’s a precious commodity these days. Now if we could just get Dion’s to mail us some ranch dressing…

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