No Surprises {Saggios}

Saggios 1

I must say I’m pretty impressed with the familiar food ground I covered during my time in Albuquerque. I’d have to stay for a month and eat out a lot to hit every place I want to, but I still did well in the nine days I had this time around. I even squeezed in a visit to The Quarters, but was way too busy chatting and eating to take any photos. 

Friday night, I made a trip to an old favorite. I’ve been to Saggio’s a hundred times before. Okay, maybe not one hundred, but a lot. My cousins, LN and BN, may have accompanied me on every visit. Saggio’s is a locally owned pizzeria near UNM. The crowd varies from students to sports fans to random people from around the neighborhood. The décor is eclectic, to say the least. It’s half pizzeria, half sports bar. As for us? We go there for the pasta.

It’s comfort food, for sure. It’s not fancy, not elaborate, not unique… It’s just really good. BN and LN always order the same spaghetti and marinara. We usually share an order of breadsticks. I always, always have penne with pesto and Roma tomatoes. Every time I’ve ordered it, they’ve suggested sun dried tomatoes instead, but it’s just not the same. The texture and flavor is all wrong.


It was a relief to discover that it tasted exactly as I remembered it. It had been five years since my last visit, but it could have been five days. As critical as I can be of Seattle restaurants that never change their menu, when it comes to food from home, exactly the same is just how I want it.

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