Old Friends, New Adventures {The Grove Café & Market}



It seems that every visit home, I find out about at least one or two of my favorite places that has closed. Now, this certainly isn’t unique to Albuquerque. Some weeks in Seattle, there’s news of multiple closings. I suppose it’s just the way things go now. In Seattle, there are possibly even more openings, though. Always some new place to try… at least recently. I’m not here often enough to know if the same is true in Albuquerque. That’s one reason it was a nice surprise when my friend, DW, suggested The Grove Café & Market for lunch on Wednesday.

I learned from their website that they aren’t really that new. In fact, they opened about five months before I moved away. I suppose I didn’t really pay attention to these things back then, though.

They’re located in a part of Albuquerque I never really spent any time in while I lived here. Sort of on the edge of downtown. They have an awesome patio and the inside is super light and open. Their menu, while mostly salads and sandwiches, was a little overwhelming. It’s entirely possible I was just caught up in looking at everything around me, but I feel like there were more items on the overhead chalkboards than I see on their website. After a quick consultation with DW on what was good (she assured me everything was good), I chose a Chopped Salad and an iced tea.


The bread I shouldn’t have eaten was especially delicious. It was a fantastic salad… a bit over the top on the blue cheese (coming from someone who looooooooves blue cheese), but otherwise it was great.

I had another appointment to get to, so I didn’t get to spend as much time chatting with DW as I would have liked. It’s always a relief, though, when you sit down with someone you haven’t spent time with in a long time and find that it’s just as easy and fun to talk as it was when you saw each other often. In the grand scheme of my Albuquerque relationships, I haven’t really known her that long. I think it’s been about ten years. It may as well have been forever, though!

Today it is raining in the desert. It’s not raining hard and looks like it’s stopping, but it’s amazing how quickly I settle back into the sense of rain as a relief rather than feeling frustrated and suffocated the way Seattle rain can sometimes make me feel. I have three more days here after today. It’s flown by quickly.

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