Sentimental Favorites {Lola}



I’d been waiting for last night for a long, long time. Never mind the fact that work has been insane (it’s supposed to be this time of year) and B had a super crazy week as well. This week marked the last installment of the Harry Potter movies. I’ve never been one to get sucked into that sort of thing, but Harry Potter was definitely the exception. I’m a Potter-head…. Big time.

B wasn’t when I met him. He hated the first two movies and never read any of the books. Me? I was totally against the movies since the whole point of the Harry Potter franchise is that it got kids reading again. I came around. Harry Potter movies have also been my one Dad/Daughter date every year with my dad…. with the exception of the last one since work was just too crazy to get away. I’m looking forward to sharing the last installment with my dad in a couple weeks. I have a lot of history in The Boy Who Lived.

I tried hard to buy tickets for the midnight IMAX showing, but failed. I also couldn’t get IMAX tickets for last night. I managed tickets for the 10:30 show at Cinerama last night. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was going to have to do.

In the five years B and I have been together, he’s come around to see my side of things. I couldn’t have been happier that he was as excited as I was to see the last movie… and even more than that, we’d finally be able to talk about the story as a whole instead of having to stop and withhold information when he asked a question that might ruin the end for him should I share the answer.

Anyway, as we were headed for the 10:30 show, we had plenty of time for dinner beforehand. The neighborhood around Cinerama boasts a plethora of amazing food destinations… not the least of which is an array of Tom Douglas choices. We settled on Lola… partly because I love it, partly because I hadn’t written about it yet and partly because they had an available reservation. I was not disappointed that this is where we ended up.

All outfitted in my Muggle t-shirt with B representing in his Optimus Prime shirt, we made the quick walk downtown to Lola. I didn’t know for certain what I would eat, but I knew Garlic Smashed Fried Potatoes would be ordered and I knew there would be pita and spreads. We had both.005



We had all six spreads (Kopanisti~pistachio, mavrodaphne, Roasted sweet red pepper, Tzatziki~cucumber yogurt, Cauliflower~anchovy, Kalamata~turkish fig, Fava skordalia ~ garlic spread) with pita. I’m not wild about the Cauliflower~anchovy, but the others are unbelievable. I especially love the Kopanisti~pistachio with it’s rich flavors of feta and sweetbread reduction. It’s a lot of food, but we never finish and it’s totally worth it for the variety of flavors.

For dinner, I had the half Dungeness crab while B had his standard Lola choice of the Lamb Burger with chickpea fries and Harissa ketchup. I could eat a whole plate of those fries. I left with my shirt in need of stain stick thanks to the butter on my crab and it was a lot of work, but totally worth it.



I really wanted the donuts for dessert (Lola is famous for their donuts even if they do come from Dahlia bakery across the street), but couldn’t stomach the idea of any more food. I mean, I really wanted the donuts. I tried to find room in my second stomach reserved especially for dessert, but there was no room to be found. Instead we had an after-dinner coffee drink (a Lolabuca for me) that I could barely swallow… not because it wasn’t good (it was wonderful), but because I was that full.

The people at Lola are also always super, super nice. It wasn’t much of a voyage of discovery because we’ve been there quite a few times before, but it was a great precursor to the movie I was so excited to see.

As for the movie, I’ll just say that I’m no more a movie critic than I am a food reviewer, but I really enjoyed it. Honestly, I’m a big enough fan that they’d have to seriously screw it up to have left me unhappy. I’m glad that didn’t happen.

And now, come tomorrow morning I am Denver bound for a work conference for 6 days followed by 10 days with my family in Albuquerque and 3 days in Las Vegas. I enjoy traveling, but I admit 19 days is a bit much for me to take. Given that 13 of the days are purely elective, though, I’m looking forward to relaxing after this most stressful and busy time of year. I am hopeful for good meals, good company and lots of sunshine!


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