Yes, I’ll Have Frites With That {Café Campagne}

Last Sunday morning marked the last day of a very food focused weekend. What better way to top it all off than with brunch? If I’m choosing the brunch spot in Seattle, chances are, you’re going to Café Campagne. Even though it requires planning ahead and making a reservation (yes, they’re always that busy), it’s totally worth it. I mean, really, where else can you get a side of pommes frites to go with your French omelette?

Normally I’d rather do a slightly later brunch at Café Campagne on a Sunday since the Market opens a little later. Bunch around 10 or 11 means you’ll be finished in time to wander through the Market once everything is all up and running. We needed to get A to the airport late in the afternoon, though, so we didn’t want to waste too much of the day. I was glad to learn that no hour is too early for frites with your eggs.

Normally B and I would have opted for Mimosas with our brunch, but I have to admit, after all the overindulgence the previous four days, that didn’t even sound a little bit appetizing. B opted for a very attractive latte, though.

Our last few visits to Café Campagne, we’ve sat in nearly the same spot right near the door. I suppose in the dead of winter that might not be such a nice thing, but it’s always very warm inside and the windows face such that you get a nice bit of light where you might normally not. The only drawback to these seats is that you are very close to the small entryway where a small crowd of people generally gathers expressing their shock at the suggestion that they might have to wait an hour for a table since they don’t have a reservation. Granted, these are usually tourists who don’t know they need a reservation (trust me, you need one), but it can be a little bit annoying when you’re trying to enjoy your Croque Monsieur while being stared down by a family of five giving you a look like you’re the only thing standing in the way of them feeding their children. Anyway, I had my back to the crowd this time, so maybe that’s the trick.

Anyway, on to our meal. Their brunch menu isn’t extensive, but there’s still plenty choose from. Granted, I usually make the same (or a similar choice), but I’m never disappointed. While B and I generally don’t order the same thing, we made an exception. We each had the (French rolled omelette filled with spinach and herbed goat fromage blanc, served with chicken and pork sausage and roasted potatoes). For A, one of the Spécialités de la Maison, French French Toast (Brioche fried in bourbon egg batter,served with maple syrup). And, of course, a side of pommes frites with garlic aioli for the table. I didn’t take a photo of A’s French toast, but she isn’t the first friend I’ve had brunch with at Café Campagne who’s chosen it, so I just dug one out of the archives.

Omelette a l'Epinards

French French Toast

Pommes Frites

Though I’ve yet to try their French toast, I can say that everything else on the table was worth every bite. Truthfully, I never make much of a dent in my meal at Café Campagne, but it’s not because it’s not good. It’s so much better than just good. There’s just so much of it. They definitely aren’t stingy in their portions.

We finished our meal just in time to walk through the Market before it got too busy. I don’t think it was technically open yet and quite a few vendors were still setting up, but we were willing to trade a few less vendors open for business for being able to walk through without being pushed along by the crowd. All in all, it was a very nice (and very sunny) Sunday. We ended it with dinner before taking A to the airport, but I don’t have anything nice to saying about that dining adventure (aside from the company), so I will save a post on that particular restaurant for a day when things hopefully go a little more smoothly.

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