Unabashed Favoritism {Marjorie}

Yes, again. And please be assured, this isn’t likely to be the last. B and I have so many favorite places in Seattle and we’ve been a little hesitant to name just one true favorite. We’ve given up our hesitation. Marjorie is officially our favorite restaurant in Seattle… and maybe anywhere. B and I took a chance when we took A there on Saturday night. We hadn’t yet taken anyone since they moved into the new space. I hesitated a little in this decision because I knew if she didn’t love it too, I’d take it personally. Maybe she didn’t love it and just humored us, but we had an amazing night.

We had a plan. Turn our late dinner hour from the previous two days upside down and aim to arrive at Marjorie by 5:00. We wanted bar seats. While there really is no bad seat in the house, the bar seats are our favorite by far. After a frightening ride from our place to the restaurant (thanks to a shady and incompetent cab driver), we arrived to find our favorite bar seats already occupied. No matter, there were still three left front and center and we intended to make them ours.

First things first… a Trenchtown for me. A glass of Prosecco for A and some bourbon based cocktail for B (likely something Ben invented for him). And there were, of course, Plantain Chips. Always Plantain chips at Marjorie.

The conversation was as easy as it ever is between our little trio and with Donna and Ben. In an instant, the plantain chips were gone and the entrees arrived. Chicken for B, steak for me and halibut for A. Though none of us truly wanted to give up a bite of our own order, we all shared at least a taste. The consensus was that B’s chicken was the best. I had a hard time conceding this with my amazing steak in front of me, though.

Before any of us even had a chance to blink, our amazing entrees were gone and it was time for dessert. I struggle on each visit to settle on just a single dessert. Lucky for us, our party of three meant we count justify at least a couple of selections. The Coconut Financier and Chocolate Terrine were our choices of the night.

Coconut Financier

Dark Chocolate Terrine

I don’t remember every detail for our desserts, but I know they were amazing. Their pastry chef, Taylor, is a genius. I always, and I do mean always, leave Marjorie feeling better than I arrived. It’s just a simple fact of life. Thank you, Donna, Ben, and the rest of the incredible people who make Marjorie what it is. It is a place we will always be proud to bring guests, but where we will be careful about who we deem special enough to share our favorite place in Seattle with. You guys are the best. We’ll see you soon.

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