The Happiest Hour {Joey’s Lake Union}

B doesn’t like it when I call us Happy Hour Whores, but we really are. I don’t know when it happened exactly, but at some point we started eating with the geriatric crowd around 5:00 and eating fewer and fewer entrees in lieu of more and more appetizers and small plates. Eventually, we started migrating toward happy hours. It helps with the geriatric aspect. It’s a better way to eat, really. While you have to be careful about what you choose, it’s easier to not overindulge when sharing small plates. Monday and Friday are prime happy hour times. Monday to ease your way into the week. Friday to celebrate the weekend.

This past Friday, we had a rare sunny day. Though it wasn’t particularly warm, it was bright and beautiful. Happy hours on Lake Union are best saved for these days. On our way home from work, we decided to stop off at Joey’s Lake Union. In the warmest weather, they have a great patio with a great view of the lake and the boats. Though this was a beautiful day, it wasn’t quite nice enough for patio service.

Joey’s is a Canadian chain with 3 locations in the US, all in Washington state. They’re known (even if only by word of mouth) for their beautiful and very friendly female employees. Though it may not be official, it’s clear there’s a pretty common theme to their staff. I joked with B when we got there that I remembered why I don’t like Joey’s… I always spend the whole time feeling terrible about myself. It is a joke, though, because while their servers are all a bit intimidating in the looks department, they’re also all very friendly to everyone.

Though I was a little disappointed the patio wasn’t open and then disappointed once more that there were no available bar seats, I felt lucky to find a booth in the bar section at 5:30 on a Friday. They’re always busy, but especially on a Friday. Joey’s isn’t usually my first choice happy hour because their food options, while enjoyable, aren’t the lightest. One thing I also know to be true about Joey’s is that their drinks are strong. Their menu outlines the alcohol content per cocktail. One would do well to pay attention to this information. This time around, B had a Kona Lager while I had a Red Sangria. It was more of a red wine cocktail than an actual sangria, but really good.

Red Sangria

We stuck with our Joey’s usuals as far as food was concerned. Like I said, it’s not about the health food at Joey’s. One order of Blue Cheese Fries, an order of Calamari and one shrimp pesto pizza later, we may have overdone it just a tad.

It all tasted great, but it was definitely too much food. We hadn’t been to Joey’s in awhile. I don’t know if their portions have grown or if my preferences have just changed. It could be either. In any case, the drinks were good, the food was defiintely not disappointing and the service was, as always, with a smile. It was a great start to the weekend. As it turns out it was the start of a weekend of food overindulgence, but that’s a story for tomorrow.

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