Second Dinner {Where Ya At Matt}

Friday night I wanted tacos. I got tomato soup. I tried to call in an order to Barracuda Taqueria, but they must have been busy. After a few minutes on hold I gave up. It happens. I decided to fend for myself and finally settled on some plain old tomato soup. Not five minutes after finishing it, I see a tweet from Where Ya At Matt letting people know they’d be parked outside the Seattle Center with some other food trucks because of the private opening of the Nirvana Exhibit at the Experience Music Project. I was completely disappointed that I hadn’t seen it sooner. The EMP is less than a five minute walk for us… and I was still a little hungry. I mentioned it to B who’d eaten earlier at a work event.

I’m a big fan of Where Ya At Matt. To start with, Matt and his crew are responsible for the fact that I even eat from food trucks. For years, I held a long standing rule against eating from anything that could drive away. One Oyster Po’ Boy from Matt’s truck and my bias disappeared altogether. They’re normally in Belltown on Mondays, so I’ve only had two opportunities to try their food, but it’s awesome! Twice definitely isn’t enough!

It took all of ten minutes after mentioning it to B before we decided to make a run for the EMP. We walked almost all the way around the building. No trucks. Just as I was starting to think we’d waited too long to venture over, we came up the stairs and were greeted by the sight of several food trucks and lots of hungry people. Matt’s truck was in the middle, but we made the rounds and checked out what everyone else had to offer. B was almost swayed by the poutine at Skillet. I knew what I was after. I do want to track Skillet down sometime soon since I’ve heard great things about their food, but I’d come to the EMP for an Oyster Po’ Boy and that’s what I intended to get.

B thought about having the Shrimp Po’ Boy instead, but in the end we both opted for the Oyster Po’ Boy with an order of Beignets added for good measure. When we left home, I ran out without a camera thinking we’d just take our food and come home. The weather was surprisingly nice, though, and the energy around the EMP was fun and upbeat, so we decided to sit down and enjoy our food.

The sandwiches are huge. I eventually had to give up on mine because I was going to make myself sick if I kept eating. I really didn’t want to stop, though. This was our first time trying the beignets and they were way, way too good. We finished our food and walked home with me covered in powered sugar (B was neater with his beignets), way too full, pleasantly warm and happy. Here’s to more warm nights in the not so distant future.

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