Sunday Brunch, Hold the Sun {Lot No. 3}

The weather last weekend was all over the place. Sun Friday, dry and cool Saturday, rainy and miserable Sunday. No one can ever accuse Seattle of boring weather. Ok, maybe the rain gets a little boring. In any case, coming off my big spender Saturday, B and I were happy to have a laid back Sunday planned, starting with brunch with our favorite trio, K, H and B’s littlest girlfriend, M. Having not seen them since we all returned from Ireland, we looked forward to catching up and trying a new brunch spot.

H and K are always so good at coming to our side of the water, but they also give us a good reason to try out some Eastside spots. I’ve wanted to try out Lot No. 3 since we visited Barrio and had a great experience with one of their bartenders, Casey, who works in both places (they are both owned by the Heavy Restaurant Group). Since B and I work on the Eastside, though, we rarely choose to hang out there when it’s just the two of us. Sunday morning brunch (though no Casey) was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

We arrived a few minutes early and driving by, they looked closed. It turns out it was just dark since their interior is similar to that of the rest of their restaurants. The Heavy Restaurant Group tends toward… well, toward heavy decor. It’s all very beautiful and ornate with a lot of heavy wood and metal, dark colors and high ceilings. They weren’t super busy when we arrived, but that didn’t last. H and K arrived only moments after we arrived. When the five of us are around a table, we’re hard pressed to pay attention to what’s going on around us. It feels more like a big family meal with everyone talking over each other to the person on the far side of the table and then back to the person sitting close. Miss M makes the rounds and entertains everyone. It’s always so much fun, but I can’t help but feel a bit bad for our server. It can be a little hard to get our attention.

I’d looked at their menu a couple days before we visited and had my eye on the Malted Waffles with housemade butter, bourbon syrup, fleur de sel and whipped cream. I resisted. They really weren’t the best decision, but they sure did sound good. In the end, I chose the Crab Cake Eggs Benedict (as did K). B chose the Bacon, Cheddar and Avocado scramble while H selected the spinach and tomato scramble. I was also quite happy when H suggested we order the waffles for the table to share. She didn’t have to suggest it twice.

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict (2nd egg to the right)

Cheddar, Bacon and Avocado Scramble

Spinach and Tomato Scramble

Malted Waffles, Housemade Butter, Bourbon Syrup, Fleur de Sel and Whipped Cream

The waffles were amazing. On second thought, I should have ordered some all for myself. My Eggs Benedict were also really good. Great Hollandaise. I still think I prefer the Benedict at Seatown, but I really enjoyed it. B loved his scramble. The bacon looked delicious, but I didn’t get to try it. He warned me later that I made a good decision not trying to snag some since I may have lost a finger trying.

What a fantastic meal with Miss M and her parents! We’d find a way to have a great time in the worst restaurant in the world (remind me to tell you about the sketchy Thai joint I once took them to), but it certainly didn’t hurt that the food and atmosphere were wonderful as well!

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