Shopping Sprees and Sauerkraut {Pike Brewing Company}

We didn’t get the sunshine we were hoping for on Saturday. It was dry, though, so I decided to go ahead with my shopping plan. B had an appointment downtown, so the plan was for me to go do my quick shopping and meet him afterward so we could shop through Pike Place Market. We both know better than to leave me to my own shopping devices. I picked up the couple things I needed, but I also came out with an Isi Twist ‘n Sparkle, 2 boxes of Medicis Almonds and a pair of New Balance Minimus.

In my defense, we “needed” the Twist ‘n Sparkle so we can stop buying and wasting soda water that goes flat because we never use the whole bottle. The Medicis Almonds only come around once a year at Easter and the shoes, well those will hopefully pay off in spades if they make it nearly as comfortable to run as it feels like they will.

After leaving Nordstrom with my shoe purchase, I met B outside the Pike Place Market. Had it been a sunny day I would have probably wanted to stay and shop, but the weather wasn’t the best and it was already getting toward closing time, so we decided only to stop at La Buona Tavola. We first visited La Buona Tavola on our Savor Seattle Food Tour in February. Though they were in a temporary location in a Market stall while their store location was being renovated (part of a Market-wide project), they were one of my favorite stops. This time around we had the opportunity to visit them in their permanent location. It’s a Truffle Cafe specializing in Italian wines and food, particularly all things truffle. Though I was tempted by everything we saw and tasted, we eventually selected white truffle oil, 10% black truffle salt, white truffle crème, white truffle honey and black truffle Carpaccio. With our truffle purchases in hand, we headed for another spot on the Savor Seattle tour- The Pike Brewing Company Pub.

One aspect of the Seattle food scene I really love is that it’s not limited to one particular type of food. We have places with great pub grub and great places for fine dining… and everything in between. Lately, though, it seems B and I have been favoring the former. Blame Ireland. We do. Truth is, I don’t really know what the difference is. We’ve just been favoring more laid back, comfortable places, new and familiar, over some of our fancier favorites and new options.

Even before 5:00, the pub was already busy. We lucked out and found two seats at their main bar. The whole place is loud, bright and energetic. It’s also very eclectic. In addition to the main bar, we saw at least two other smaller bars. There are a couple of dining rooms and the Museum room (that B checked out, but I missed). The walls are filled with bright, fun memorabilia. It’s a really lighthearted, laid back atmosphere. We’d barely sat down before B ordered us two Kilt Lifters. The Kilt Lifter is a Scotch Ale and one of my favorite beers. First of all, it doesn’t bother my stomach. Second, it just plain tastes good and is a rare beer B and I can agree on.

Pike Brewing Company Kilt Lifter

For dinner, we usually don’t choose the same thing. We try to get something different so we can share. We both agreed that the Pike’s Ale Braised Bratwurst with Chef Gary’s Apple Sauerkraut just sounded too good to pass up. B also added a cup of their Dungeness Crab chowder. I managed to steal a bite of the chowder. It was delicious! B ordered his Brats without sauerkraut, but our friendly bartender wouldn’t hear of it. She somehow magically talked him into trying it. I assumed he was just being nice and wouldn’t even taste it. When our food came to the table with a pile of sauerkraut on the side, I was sure he’d just push it around a little. He actually tasted it, though, and actually liked it! He didn’t finish the whole portion, but made a good dent in it. It really was delicious. The apple must help cut the bitterness because it had a really nice mild taste.

Dungeness Crab Chowder

Pike's Ale Braised Bratwurst with Chef Gary's Apple Sauerkraut

The sausage and mashed potatoes were also excellent. Everything was filled with flavor, but not overpowering. I could have sat there for quite a lot longer than we did, but we’d committed to not letting ourselves get sucked into the atmosphere and staying too long. So, instead, we hauled all my purchases home and tried to burn off some of our Kilt Lifter and Brats with a few rounds of Dance Central. I won… but not by much.
The Pike Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

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