Champagne and Basketball {Sport Restaurant & Bar}

Have I mentioned B’s a Kentucky basketball fan? Well, truthfully we both are, but by comparison, I don’t even count myself. It’s March Madness and B is in full form. This morning we took our show on the road (a whole 3 blocks) to Sport Restaurant & Bar. We’ve been to Sport more than a few times before both to watch basketball and just because B loves their chicken bits.  At 9:00 AM, though, B and I were the first guests to arrive. The Kentucky game was the only one on that early, so we had prime pick of our seats.

Sport has a great lounge area between their bar and restaurant. With fantastic leather armchairs and a huge screen, it’s the place you want to sit if they’re showing your game. We weren’t sure if they served breakfast (the menu isn’t on their website), but B would be just as happy to eat chicken bits first thing in the morning and one tweet yesterday to the restaurant confirmed they had mimosas, so I was set. As it turns out, they have a great breakfast menu and we had front and center seats to the big screen.

What’s really cool about the Sport breakfast menu is that it’s still sports bar food. Pizzas and sliders with a twist. There have a few different combinations of each, but all have a breakfast flavor. B and I shared the maple smoked bacon sliders with egg and cheese on brioche and the Italian sausage breakfast pizza (also with eggs and cheese).

Breakfast Sliders


Breakfast Pizza


I wish I could have breakfast sliders and pizza every day! To drink we had mimosas, I had a Champagne Magnolia (a mimosa with Grand Marnier) and B had a B-52 coffee. He planned to switch to beer at some point, but the team seemed to be playing better while he was drinking mimosas (the minutes played while he had the B-52 didn’t go so well), so superstitious B stuck with that.

Champagne Magnolia




As the morning went on, a few other people started to trickle in and the loud clapping at all the wrong times (at least if you’re us) quickly let us know we were in the minority. No matter. We had great seats, a great screen and great hosts. In the end, Kentucky beat the odds and West Virginia. B’s on cloud nine. Onward to the next game. We’ll see what the schedules look like and when UW is playing since we sure don’t want to compete with that crowd, but if all goes well, we may just be back on Thursday.

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