“I am I, Don Quixote…” {Pinxto}

I did a lot of theatre in middle school and high school. I tried a little of everything. My acting efforts, however earnest, were not what one would call successful. I spent most of my time in the makeup room. I even co-directed a show my Junior year. I loved it and have so many wonderful memories of the endless hours spent in rehearsals and backstage… and even a few moments on stage.

We were fortunate. Our school saw the value of theatre and the arts in general and our parents paid the tuition for us to be there. We were well funded. People came to our shows. I am hard pressed to choose a favorite show or a favorite theatre experience, but I will never forget our production of Man of La Mancha. I must have been about fourteen or fifteen at the time, but it was a truly impactful life experience. I remember the lyrics to every word in every song in the whole show. With the wide eyed admiration Freshmen have for Seniors, those in my class who worked on the show felt lucky to be a part of it… maybe we all did. In my memory, people showed up in droves to see the show. I don’t know how true that was, but I’ll never forget it and know a few others who won’t either. So what does this all have to do with food and Pinxto? Admittedly, the connections are tenuous at best, but our Thursday night dinner tonight embodied what I love most about our food adventures. It struck a personal chord.

B and I visited Pinxto on one previous occasion last summer and really enjoyed it. At the time, they were recently taken over by new owners and had a tiny menu, but it was very good. Pinxto is truly tapas… not small plates called tapas. Tapas. Pinxtos. I’ve professed my undying love for Sangria here a time or two and their Singria (yes, that is the proper spelling) is absolutely amazing. B and I split our seasons tonight with his hot toddy and my Sangria. I think I’ve gotten over my Sangria in summertime rule.

Their menu has grown considerably since our last visit. We chose five items off the menu. The Catalan sausage, Patatas Bravas (Quail egg “crashed”), Quail eggs on toast, Tequila Lime Shrimp and the focal point of this post… the Tortilla Espanola. I can’t miss mentioning the awesome chocolate mousse we finished our meal with either.

Catalan Sausage

Patatas Bravas - Quail egg "crashed"

Quail Eggs on Toast

Tequila Lime Shrimp

Tortilla Espanola

Chocolate Mousse

Lots of egg and potatoes I know, but we were not disappointed. I could have eaten another of each dish. The food was fantastic, the space is warm and well designed and our server was absolutely adorable. The Tortilla Espanola, though… Therein lies the connection.

A few days after my high school graduation, I took a trip to France and Spain with a group of people, some of whom were classmates. Fifteen years later, I was still in search of something even resembling the Tortilla Espanola that not only aided in my recovery from the bad food experiences of France during the Mad Cow disease scare, but which also sustained my stomach blissfully through the Spanish portion of the trip. I was a pickier eater then and the Tortilla Espanola was my saving grace. I’ve never found its equal in the US… until tonight. The Tortilla Espanola at Pinxto was amazing. I know it’s been awhile since I tasted the authentic version, but this was everything I remembered. It made me so very happy. So, as far reaching as my connection is (blame it on the absinthe I had after the Singria), my Don Quixote quest for the perfect Tortilla Espanola finally came to its conclusion in a tiny tapas bar in Seattle with a grumpy B. I am happy. Tonight I miss friends of days gone by and I hold onto the experiences and memories they left me with. I will be back for this Tortilla Espanola and I will still sing along to Man of La Mancha songs every chance I get.

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  1. Hey hey…I found your blog while doing some foodie research on Seattle. My husband and I are headed to Seattle on Monday for a few days (and only 2 nights), and I’m trying to figure out where the “must-eat” restos are. I’ve looked through some of your blog posts and put up a post on the urbanspoon message board, and have some things in mind – Pintxo (we were in Spain and year or so ago and the menu brings the memories flooding back!), one of the Tom Douglas restos (Dahlia, Lola, Palace Kitchen or Serious Pie), Quinn’s Pub, Purple cafe (was a recommendation from another friend)…but I’m wondering what your thoughts are? Leave me a post on my blog (sorry, it’s horribly out of date), or send me an email – I’d love to know your thoughts!

    Also – if you ever come up to Victoria, BC, especially on a Thursday, I could make some suggestions for you! Thanks!

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