New Kid on the Block {Local 360}


B almost wrote this post. I offered him the chance. After thinking about it for just a moment, he declined, but said he’ll think about it for the future now that he knows the offer is on the table. I wanted him to write it. While I was very happy with our meal at Local 360 last night, B was downright ecstatic! It seemed only fair that you should hear from the one of us who was so passionate about it, but you’ll have to settle for my account instead.

I didn’t arrive at Local 360 intent on a blog post. They’re brand new. If I’m not mistaken, they may still be a few days away from their Grand Opening. While I sometimes choose to ignore (and often disagree with) some of the unspoken rules between food bloggers and restaurants, I do believe it’s not fair or accurate to write a critical post about any place that hasn’t had some time to find its identity and work out the kinks. If we were disappointed with our visit to Local 360 last night, you certainly wouldn’t be hearing about it tonight. So much for suspense!

Local 360 opened in the space left vacant by the departure of Flying Fish for South Lake Union. Honestly, even though we didn’t visit Flying Fish often, I wasn’t happy when they left. It was just one more well known restaurant leaving the rapidly changing Belltown. It was a bit of a relief when I noticed a new restaurant getting ready to open up in the space.  Belltown’s been going through a bit of a rough spot. With crime rates on the rise and so many restaurants and other businesses shutting their doors and moving to Capitol Hill or South Lake Union, I couldn’t be happier to hear of new, quality businesses opening in the neighborhood.

A few searches of neighborhood blogs and I learned that Local 360, a restaurant committed to sourcing as much of their food and drink from within a 360 mile radius as possible, would be opening soon. It’s a great concept. In addition to playing into all the current food trends (hopefully lasting trends) around sustainability and eating locally, it’s great for the environment, better for the diner and (in many cases) cheaper for the restaurant. With the constantly rising costs of gas, restaurants are paying more and more for shipping.  Reduce shipping distance, reduce shipping costs.  Easy as that.

After reading a fair amount of positive buzz about Local 360 in the last week, we decided to pay them a visit last night. B wasn’t “all that excited by their menu.” I was confused because it looked right up his alley. I didn’t ask too many questions. I knew he’d be happy with the options. We arrived early as we always do. The first thing I noticed was that, while you can certainly still see Flying Fish in the building structure if you pay close attention and were familiar with the layout, it has a totally different feel. They’ve moved the entrance to the left of the building. I like it better there. The old boarded up entrance on the right is still there, but I suspect they’ll do something with that soon enough. They preserved the right side of the restaurant with its carved out semi-private booths tucked underneath a small upstairs area. That’s where the similarity ends, though. Where Flying Fish was loud, decorated and brightly colored, Local 360 is natural, rustic, open and communal. It’s a really nice departure from the standard Belltown/Downtown restaurant decor.

We chose the Reuben bites to share, B ordered the Fried Chicken with a side of Mashers and I had the Short Rib.

Everything was great! The only drawback is that the portions are a bit large. New or not, the quality of the food is outstanding. I wasn’t at all disappointed (and was quite pleased, in fact), but B absolutely raved about his food. Yes, that is a fried egg on top of his chicken. He was thrilled. The fried chicken is actually a chicken and bacon roulade. He couldn’t stop talking about how great it was. I haven’t seen him this excited about a new restaurant in awhile.  For dessert we shared the sundae. We didn’t finish it, but I easily could have.

Local 360 is off to a running start. They’re in a great space with a great staff and the food is already outstanding. I know they’ll get even better as they work out all the new restaurant kinks… but there don’t seem to be many kinks to work out. Since B opted not to write this post himself, I will leave you with his personal opinion of Local 360 and especially his Fried Chicken.

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