Products I Love: Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale

I can’t believe the week has already flown by. Tonight we’re packing to leave for Portland first thing tomorrow morning. It’s leftovers for us tonight. We both got new cell phones today and we needed to set those up, pack for our roadtrip tomorrow and try to clean up the condo a bit. That’s not to mention the fact that work has kept up its insane pace. No time for cooking, no time for takeout and certainly no time for eating out.
As was the case the night before we traveled last weekend, instead of sharing photos of our Branzino leftovers, it’s a great time to share one of my favorite food products in the world: Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale. We love this stuff. B says he thinks they put crack in it. I mean, really, it sounds a bit ridiculous to gush about ginger ale, but I can’t say enough about our love for this one. They also keep us jonesing for more by making it nearly impossible to find. We occasionally find it in a restaurant, but other than this, some QFC locations are the only way we can get it. That, combined with a fairly high sugar content means it’s a rare treat. We really enjoy it when we have it.

 Now, the other relevant part of this is the bottle opener we use to open these twist-off bottles. Yes, I just said bottle opener for a twist-off bottlecap. During NCAA basketball season, B has a bottle opener that he uses for anything he can. This particular bottle opener plays the University of Kentucky fight song. His mom sent it to him as a gift several years ago. It’s only been about two years, though, that he’s really started to use it regularly during the season. If and when it ever stops playing, we’ll definitely have to find a new one.

B has an alligiance to UK like nothing I experienced growing up. Sports weren’t a big deal at our house. It was a totally different story for B, though. I’m not even going to attempt to describe the magnitude of his fandom because I can’t do it justice. That loyalty is the very reason we are hitting the road for Portland in the morning. We’re on the road to see UK play Portland on Friday night. I must admit that over the years (particularly last year), while I don’t have the years of history behind me, I’ve been sucked into the Big Blue Madness myself. Its contagious. We’re both excited for the game. I’m also excited to try some of what Portland has to offer in the food department staring with tomorrow night’s visit the the Deschutes Brewery and Public House.

Now here’s hoping the weather is on our side…


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