Randomness in Review {Boulangerie Nantaise, Ventana and Hard Rock Cafe}

We had a few random food experiences this week thanks to illness, Restaurant Week and just plain Friday night. I feel like they’re worth mentioning, but there isn’t really enough to say about any single one on its own to merit a full post. Thus you have my random food week in review featuring the Boulangerie Nantaise, Ventana and Hard Rock Seattle.
B and I were both home sick Monday and Tuesday of this week. I mentioned our food truck foray earlier in the week, but on Tuesday, after a visit to the pharmacy, we stopped next door at Le Boulangerie Nantaise Organic French Bakery for a quick lunch. 

 I’ve been here a couple times before and always enjoyed their salads. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m gluten intolerant. Over the last few months, I’ve chosen to ignore that for the most part when eating out (I always eat strictly gluten free at home and work) and feel the painful effects every time. Oh how I love bread, though! All the same, I normally just choose to ignore the obvious gluten and RARELY eat a sandwich. During this, my sick week, though, I had two. The first was the incredible and memorable Oyster Po’ Boy from Where Ya At Matt? and the second was Le Breton from Le Boulangerie Nantaise on Tuesday.

Le Breton – Ham, Gruyère, Lettuce, Cornichons, Tomato, French Dijon mustard and butter on baguette

This was one great sandwich! Their salads are also amazing and I am trying hard to make a commitment to start cutting the gluten (and thus the pain) from my diet, but french bread makes it difficult!

Small food moment #2 this week was a trip to Ventana and our first Seattle Restaurant Week trip. Aside from the fact that we waited 15 minutes for anyone to even speak to us once we were seated or the fact that our eventual server seemed thoroughly irritated by our presence, the food was decent and certainly inexpensive enough. I don’t think I’ll go back, but wasn’t unhappy to have visited.

 Key Lime Pie


Truffle Fries
 Chicken and Waffles with Mashed Potatoes
Steak and Kale
Almond Joy

Random food experience #3 is actually one we have quite often lately… Hard Rock Cafe Seattle. I mention it largely for B’s sake. He seemed disappointed that I didn’t deem it worthy of a blog mention already. Hard Rock isn’t exactly known for it’s awesome food or classy atmosphere, but the people who designed the Hard Rock here in Seattle did a great job of maintaining the Hard Rock brand while keep the atmosphere surprisingly understated. The staff is also awesome. Maybe the best part, though, was the discovery of the 400 calorie Tupelo Chicken Tenders that are on the appetizer menu, but make a whole meal on their own. 


We’ve started visiting every couple of weeks. It’s a great place to detox from a stressful day or week and B has discovered that I relax there… quickly. This is where we go to indulge in some overly unhealthy food (except for those chicken tenders), listen and sing along to music from the 60s to the 90s (though you don’t hear much from present day) and just relax.



It was a strange week. I’m feeling the pressure to get onto a more positive streak of postings. These last couple weeks have been a little more disappointing than I’m used to from food in Seattle. There have been some serious highlights for sure, but maybe not as many as I have come to expect or hope for. I know what to expect from my adopted city, though, and I know when it all averages out, I won’t be disappointed. Lecosho,I’m looking at you!!


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