Words and Flavors {Book Bindery}

Long before I caved to B’s suggestion of a food blog, I had a photo album on my Facebook page called “Words and Flavors” with various food and menu photos I’ve taken along the way.  Never did a title fit anything as well as it fit tonight’s Thursday Night Bite at the Book Bindery.

We looked forward to their opening for months.  Since the closing of the Local Vine in Belltown, we’d known that TLV’s Chef de Cuisine, Jon, would be joining the Book Bindery as sous chef.  I can’t say that there are two things I love more than books and great food, so I was thrilled with the concept.  Add the fact that they were opening in a warehouse occupied by the Almquist VInters, on the water at the edge of Queen Anne, and I’d decided I loved this place before they moved a stick of furniture in the door.  All of that aside, I was secretly a bit worried.  What happens if a place you’re so looking forward to that employs someone whose food you already know you love doesn’t live up to your expectations?  I still have no idea.  I can’t answer that question because the Book Bindery far surpassed everything I was hoping for.

B’s quote of the evening (and there were a few) was “I am on an emotional food high.”  This from the man who constantly gives me a hard time about being the foodie between the two of us.  At every turn, he was stopping me from diving into the next dish, reminding me that I probably wanted to take a photo.  The space is beautiful, the staff is friendly and incredibly classy and the food is in a category all it’s own… Incredible.

We arrived about 30 minutes early for our reservation, thanks to a break in traffic, and could have sat down right away (though by the time we left, they were PACKED).  We instead decided to take a few extra minutes and have a drink at the bar.  A drink eventually included an order of bacon popcorn (thanks to B’s inability to deny bacon).  Amazing first taste!  I could have eaten my own bowl, but managed to restrain myself in the hope of things to come.  This proved to be a wise decision.

In the interest of not letting this post turn into a short novel, I will just say that EVERYTHING we put in our mouths while at the Book Bindery was beyond incredible and worth the time and money of each and every person reading this… repeatedly.  From the white beans and clams to the potato soup Amuse Bouche, Mishima Ranch Beef Cap, Pork Duo and Caramel Pot de Creme, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect meal.  We will be back, early and often. 

If you’re looking for a slightly less thunderstuck, yet still glowing, assessment (with quite a few more of the practical details) of the Book Bindery, check out this article.

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  1. Wow, can't go wrong with combining two of your passions: books & food!Love the addition of a photo header and your natural storytelling style.If I could make a suggestion… create a page or continually updated post with a list of your favorite places AND a custom, publicly shared Google or Bing map of the places you've reviewed. Both linked to on the left.The preview of what's to come should sit below your bio.Great stuff!! Keep at it!

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