Forget Thursday… Monday Night Bites (and not in a good way)… {Black Bottle}

I had my heart set on Cicchetti tonight.  I mean, I REALLY had my heart set on Cicchetti.  We started going there a few months ago after I read a review online.  It’s this fun little spot built in what used to be a 2 story house behind Serafina in Eastlake.  They serve mostly small plates and great drinks.  Seating is all self-serve on both bright, cheerfully decorated floors.  I have quite a few favorites at Cicchetti, but today the saltcod fritters were on my mind.  ALL day.  By the time we crossed 520, B had heard enough about it, so he willingly drove us there on our way home.

As it turns out, they aren’t open on Mondays.  After standing on the street corner and walking back and forth between there and the front door of Serafina for 10 minutes, we finally figured it out (Serafina was open, but we didn’t feel like Italian).  Getting back into the car (after much grumbling from me), we decided on Marjorie instead.  B wisely suggested that I check their hours before we got there- also closed.  REALLY?!?!  We’ve often had trouble finding an open restaurant on Sunday night, but never had this problem on a Monday before.

We probably should have just gone home since it wasn’t the idea of eating out that I was attached to, but the specific restaurant.  At this point, though, we were on a quest for a restaurant open on Mondays.  I didn’t start out feeling like I needed a drink, but by the time we got home, I’d decided that I did, in fact, need a drink and didn’t feel like cooking… never mind the fact that I’m a terrible, reluctant cook.  We decided on Black Bottle (open 4PM-2AM daily… thank you).

I don’t particularly love the food at Black Bottle, their wine list is tiny and the service is terrible, but I really, really LOVE the atmosphere.  I love it so much I wish I could live there, and that is not an exaggeration.  With its high, industrial ceilings, whitewashed walls on one side and exposed brick on the other, it’s just an amazing combination of modern and cozy.  The floors are painted cement, there is one all black metal wall and all the light fixtures are dim and minimalistic.

B had his usual Woodford and soda.  I had an unmemorable Pinot Noir. 

We always order the same thing at Black Bottle.  We have the proscuitto and bechamel flatbread, the 3 types of sausage and the hanger steak. 

The food isn’t the reason I am writing about Black Bottle.  It’s certainly not a new or especially exciting spot for us.  We’ve had some great times there, though, just the two of us and with friends over the last 4 years.  It’s a real testament to what a difference your surroundings make.  As we dive head first (whether we want to or not) into this winter season, I can’t help but be reminded of how important one’s environment really is.  Whether working on the condo, trying to make it warm and comfortable during winter’s dreariness or choosing where to unwind from increasingly long work days, it’s important to remember that the most critical piece is the company you keep there… and, of course, a good exposed brick wall.



  1. Really hope it's not just me, but I could picture you with a regular column with the Seattle Times or even your own bit on the Food Network.Hope you enjoy chronicling your savory adventures as much as I do reading them.

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